When big becomes scary


So I was watching the first 2 episodes of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 and silly me, I was eating at the same time – I nearly choked to death when Alison, girl with the widest eyes in the world appeared. I’m all for bodily fluids but it probably isn’t such a great conversation starter telling people you are interested in blood when you look like Shelley Duvall in The Shining. See?: Compare: Unique? […]

Boob Job! Price – Your Dignity!


So I’m watching a documentary about a website that women can join if they want a boob job for free, and a number of lonely, desperate men all over the world, who cannot get a woman in real life donate towards the surgery. But this is not a proper charity! No, in return you need to do nude pictures in order to raise money. So the more nude you get and the more porno-riffic you […]

Nooooooo Dexter


Noooo! Dexter is probably my favourite US tv show, considering it started at the same time as Heroes and Ugly Betty, I have completely lost interest in the latter shows but Dexter lives on. Anyway, my favourite serial killer, Michael C. Hall married his sister, the one who walks and talks like a man. Yes I know it’s his pretend sister, but they act it so well. Gross! Any Dexter fan would agree. When I […]

Most annoying people of 2008


The BBC did their annual 100 most annoying people on TV charts today. The most annoying celebrity is apparently model Agness (can’t spell it, ok?) Deyn – more annoying than Kerry Katona? More annoying than Megan Fox? More annoying that Jennifer Anistons chin? I don’t actually understand what she’s done that’s so wrong but anyway… It occurred to me that the most annoying people of all are not the celebrities mention but the half entities, […]

Gay Gay Gay

Was watching the tele, and was introduced to something called the World Acrobatic Championships 2008. Men’s groups – the gayest thing I have EVER seen. Even my other half, who is 89% gay rejects it for its gayness. Can’t find the exact clip I saw, but this will give you an idea: It’s the dancing that kills it!

New, New Crush Alert


If you live in the UK you need to watch River Cottage because there’s a hot babe in it – no, not Hugh Fearnly Whittenstall. Gill! Gill is Hugh’s headchef apparently: My aunt once said, years ago, that she would write in to the show to tell them that her niece “really fancies Gill”, like a parent trying to wrangle the best prize at the raffle for her child. Gillon Meller, Head Chef, River Cottage […]

I can’t bear her, I can’t bear her, I can’t bear her


I am entitled to my opinion, ok, and I cannot stand Alexandra Burke from X Factor. She is going to win of course because whilst Eoghogoaogohohon had to sing with Boyzone and JLS sang with Westlife, Alexandra got to sing with only the goddess herself, Beyonce (who looked like she needed some lipstick). No, no who are we kidding. She’s the most talented of the few that are left, for sure. I just can’t stand […]

Nicola McLean’s bionic breasts


Every evening as I watch I’m a Celebrity, I wait for them.  Like two bouncy watermelons they have me in mesmerized, in awe and disgust.  I’m talking about Page 3 girl Nicola McLean’s bionic gazungas. Nothing new about a Page 3 girl having a boob job, but it seems that with Nicola’s the person pumping in the fluid forgot to say “Stop!”. They stand up all on their own, of course, because they are fake.  […]

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