Haul & Review: Tiffa Still Keep Graduation Eyeliners

Tiffa is one of those more non-descript Japanese brands that doesn’t have a full range of cosmetics as such – just more bits and bobs. Mascaras. Bath products. Eyeshadows. Liners. Some glosses. And yet I have this soft spot of Tiffa because they have a brilliant Lip Balm (my cats nicked the lid and stuck their paw in mine – in the bin it went) and their old formula mascara and primer was wonderful. The […]

5 Uber Nude Lip Glosses you should try


Sorry I’ve been slow lately! Have been working on the swatch gallery, fixing bugs and working on some videos. I hope you are enjoying the 5 lip colour recommendation series, cos its been fun for me rummaging through my lip stash! The uber nude lip gloss is the super super pale lip. But because its a gloss its a little more wearable. This kind of lip works well with very colourful eyes or smokey. It […]

Review: Tiffa Essence Base and Lengthening Mascara

Tiffa is one of those cute Japanese brands I quite like, but don’t have a very big product range. But one thing I DO like is their long mascara and lash base from the old collection. So I decided to break my rule of not buying any more mascara’s to try out their new range. Like most Japanese ranges, they tend to release a new base and a long and volume mascara to choose from. […]

Tiffa Lurveeeeeeeeeeee

After my success with the Tiffa Base and Mascara I was in love. So much so, I decided trying out a few more Tiffa Goodies was in order. The haul – Mascara – Volume Pen Eyeliners – x 3 Lip Treatment 2 Lip glosses in Beige and Milky Apricot. Hurrah! Now I can layer my mascara – one coat with volume and one coat of lengthening. Lip Gloss Swatches – These are lovley – there […]

Tiffa Eyeliner, Base and Mascara

Tiffa is a Kanebo Brand that I have largely ignored until I saw a review of the Base on Vanessa’s blog. The base was a spidery black thing – urgh! Disgusted but fascinated at the same time, I ordered this prodct from Adambeaty, and the Mascara to go with it (lengthening natch) and two of the new eyeliner/sparkly mascara combos. Well the base and mascara are great! they are not really volumising (although there is […]

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