Tiffa Lurveeeeeeeeeeee

After my success with the Tiffa Base and Mascara I was in love. So much so, I decided trying out a few more Tiffa Goodies was in order. The haul – Mascara – Volume Pen Eyeliners – x 3 Lip Treatment 2 Lip glosses in Beige and Milky Apricot. Hurrah! Now I can layer my […]

Tiffa Eyeliner, Base and Mascara

Tiffa is a Kanebo Brand that I have largely ignored until I saw a review of the Base on Vanessa’s blog. The base was a spidery black thing – urgh! Disgusted but fascinated at the same time, I ordered this prodct from Adambeaty, and the Mascara to go with it (lengthening natch) and two of […]

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