Smokey Eyes Made Easy: L’oreal Studio Secrets Smokes Eyeshadow Quad is Forest Review


As a rule, I never read the instructions to anything because I reckon I can figure it out…so when I saw L’oreal Studio Secrets Smokes Eyeshadow Quad I knew I had to buy one because it looked like the kind of thing that had instructions, that I could deliberately not read. The L’oreal Smokes Eyeshadow Quad is a simple little thing to use – there are four colours, all numbered and there’s a clear guide […]

Dior Eyeshadow Quint: 5 Color Designer All In One Artistry Palette in Smoky


I’ve this extremely pretty and useful palette for a while, and have decided to show it to you today! I personally love everything in one place, hence my obsession with palettes that put eye base, liner and shadows in one neat package. When it comes to the high end make up ranges, I do think Dior’s Quints are the best. This 5 Couleurs Designer Architecture Du Regard – or All In One Artistry Palette comes […]

Hauled it: Stila Talking Smoky Eye Palette

I joined Brand Alley* a while ago, because I noticed that Stila was on sale there. I bought this Stila Talking Eye Palette in Smoky – I have wanted it for a while but it retailed for about £30-£40 I think. I got it for about £8 from Brand Alley… I like Stila but I don’t love it. I do adore the Convertible Colours but that’s about it. Still a bargain is a bargain: The […]

Review: Pixi Smoky Eye Kit makes sultry eyes easy

I didn’t have much luck with the Cargo’s smoky eye kit so when I saw this one from Pixi for just £21, I had to have it! You get an eyeshadow – a quad almost because its got for dark tones in it, a double ended brush (shadow/liner) a gel liner and a mascara in a gift box. The size of the products (mascara and gel liner) I think are full sized – I know […]

Review: Cargo SmokyEye Kit for…well, Smoky Eyes

In my local Sainsburys (that’s a supermarket by the way, my international pals), I spied a Cargo counter, but never bought anything even though I like the look of the range. Something about buying Sainsbury’s Value Baked Beans for 20p alongside a £20 foundation just didn’t seem to match up for me. Then one day – TA DA! 50% sale. I made a killing – will review what I got bit by bit. One of […]

Video: Illamasqua Smokey Cat Eye Look inspired by Kate Moss

Hallo Ladies! Just a quickie to keep you all entertained. I adored Kate Moss’s look at the Met Gala – silver turban and everything! I printed out a picture of her and took it to my Illamasqua girl, where my lady Leena did a look for me. I should have got there with an hour to go but the cats – I blame the cats – held me up so there was only a paltry […]

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