Dark Circles? Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Massage Serum Review


Do you suffer from dark circles under the eyes?: Panda feels your pain. I often blame my dark circles on the lack of sleep, but the science tells us that sleep isn’t actually a contributing factor to dark circles (although I certainly have puffier eyes when I haven’t slept that seem to make my dark circles look worse!). Dark circles begin as little capillaries under the eye area – blood that passes through these occasionally […]

Speed Review: Skinfood Lychee Essence Mist For Damaged Hair Review


The other day I decided that I wanted some Lychee themed products so bought this cute lip and cheek duo and this Essence Mist for my dry and damaged hair… My hair at the moment, is starting to look a bit more human, although its still very dry – I had colour put on it a few months back and it got far too light thus stripping a lot of its health. I am kicking […]

Memories and Make Up: Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Colour in Lychee


When I first posted about these Cheek and Lip Colours from Skinfood, you girls expressed make up lurve! Well…I was thinking about Lychees the other week – maybe I was just feeling nostalgic as it was the “special” fruit we had when I was a kid and because I have this everlasting memory of sitting the back of my Mum’s car, my Nan passing me a lychee (I was about 9) and seeing a maggot […]

Sunscreen Special Day 4: Skinfood Quince Whitening Sun Lotion SPF 34 Review


How is it possible for me to not buy a skincare item that has Quince in it! This is Quince: Korres, of course did a Quince Lip Balm although it just smelt sort of apple-y and pear-y to me. Anyway, the purchase was this – Skinfood’s Quince Whitening Sun Lotion. Not only will it protect, it will whiten too and brighten too. Honest. With a generous SPF 34 and 70ml of product, I treated this […]

Sunscreen Special Day 1: Skinfood Green Coffee Sun Screen SPF 50


I love Skinfood’s creative creations (all their cosmetics and skincare are based on food) so being a coffee addict, I had to pick up this Green Coffee Sun Screen SPF 50 from eBay (where else?). Green Coffee is supposed to be high in anti oxidants – the fact that this SPF is 50 was appealing too. Remember, anti- age, anti age! This sunscreen is a liquid type that needs a good shake before you use […]

How Cute! Skinfood Apple Can Multi Blusher Review


You know when you see something that’s soooo cute that you must have it? Well here is my latest ‘I-must-have-it’ item! Skinfood’s Apple Can Multi Blushers! Inside this little kidney shaped cans is a two tone blush and a fluffy puff: I bought three shades – why? Because I just had to have them! Apparently these blushers contain Apple Extract: Each can comes with a handy mirror and a puff. The puff, lets face it, […]

Haul & Swatch: Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail Polish


Sometimes I see a cosmetic item thats cuteeeeeeee, my fingers move faster to the checkout button than my brain can handle. Come to think of it…this happens quite a lot. Behold Skin Food’s Milk Creamy Nail Polish – so cute! The bottle is a very cute baby bottle shape…why? Its ‘milky’! Remember! The polish itself is quite creamy and it takes 2-3 coats to get an even coat. However it lasts pretty good! I got […]

Review: Skinfood Black Garlic Face Cream

As soon as I heard there was a cream that had ‘Garlic’ in its name I had to buy it. You know what I’m like. Apparently, Black Garlic “improves blood circulation & revitalize fatigue skin. Water-based with non-greasy quick absorption.” Yah, it looks pretty bad. Here is the face cream by Skinfood: According to the Skinfood website, the Black Garlic range works best for Normal – Dry skin. Now, I don’t know why this is […]

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