Skinfood Goat Milk & Lavender Face Lotion for Babies

I will never tire of Skinfood’s creative skincare combinations and product ideas – a Cheese Face Mask?! Garlic Eye Cream? Literal Salmon Concealer?! Banana Mascara? Hurrah for food on the face! My latest purchase was more sensible and rather soothing – Goat Milk (sic) and Lavender Face Lotion for babies. What is it about the […]

Skinfood Beer Hop Foaming and Cream Cleansers


Because I love anything thats a novelty, I had a play with Skinfood’s Hop Beer Foaming Cleanser and Cream Cleanser. I don’t even drink beer! My skin is completely random, dry, oily, spotty, smooth, ruddy, flaky – everything. This particular cleanser is for Normal to Dry skin. It contains vitamins, minerals, yeast, and it detoxifies, […]

6: Skinfood Apple Black Liquid Eyeliner


More Skinfood reviews! I love a good black liquid eyeliner – I have already mentioned that the Skinfood range is vast (read more here!) and I didn’t realize they did so many cosmetics too. This item is the Apple Black Liquid Eyeliner (7g). It’s like a traditional liquid liner with a thin brush applicator. I […]

No. 2 – Skinfood Celery Soft Foaming Cleanser


Who would have thought that it would be so hard finding a decent cleanser? Although a lot of cleansers will do, I haven’t found many spectacular ones. I was obsessed with Cleansing Oils for a while, but nearly all of them made me feel quite dry – others gave me little bumps under the skin. […]

No. 1: Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off


I have fallen in love with Korean brand Skinfood’s, er, skincare range again! I had a dabble with it about a year ago and thought it was suprisingly meh – especially the Aloe BB cream I bought, but when I went away recently I took some sachets away with me that the seller have given […]

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