Want pore coverage? Try Skinfood Black Egg Pore Foundation


I, for one, am always looking for ways to treat my pores which unfortunately are getting more noticeable the older I get. As soon as I saw this Skinfood Black Egg Pore Foundation on eBay hit ‘Buy it now’…as I often do when half asleep… Black Egg = I know this sounds odd but Skinfood’s products are all based on – well, food, no matter how strange. I promise you none of their stuff is […]

Tomato on your face: Skinfood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint Review & Swatches


Skinfood, Skinfood, you are always thinking of unusual ways to combine my two true lives: Food and Make Up. Although I have to say, I don’t really dig tomatoes. I like tomato on pizza, with pasta, possibly little Santorini tomatoes that comes with M&S salad. Otherwise I don’t dig big beefy tomatoes, although I was always taught to eat stuff up unless it’s unbearable so I will always eat up a raw tomato if I […]

Aubergine Make Up? Yah! Skinfood Eggplant Soft Shadow Stick Review


I love Aubergines, one of my favourite vegetables, even though it comes in a stupid shape. What a beautiful shade of purple tho, eh? Eggplant (or Aubergine) Soft Stick Shadows from Skinfood are chubby eye crayons that come in White and Black. These are supposed to be soft, blendable eyeshadow crayons – I have hope! Speaking of Eggplants, I think that’s a stupid name for an Aubergine. It doesn’t look like an egg and it […]

5 Blue Nail Polishes: Skinfood Creamy Milk Polish in BL004


I’m going through my relatively small nail polish collection and photographing my favourite shades. This week is Blues in all Hues! The Skinfood Creamy Milk nail polish is indeed creamy, a little thick to work with, but very pigmented and bold. Quite interesting colours too. This one in BL004 is ridiculously bold. It hurts my eyes a bit, but it’s a bit of fun for the summer methinks. I don’t know what it reminds me […]

Help for dry, chapped lips: Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment Review


Despite Lip Scrubs (even home made ones!) my lips are still incredibly dry and chapped. So when I saw this Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment on eBay, I had to have it! Costing around £6 including shipping, I thought it was a rather cute investment. Honey is hydrating and indeed a very nice treatment for this skin. A nice one to do is to just cover your lips in some good quality honey and cover it […]

Caffeine in you Eyeshadow? Skinfood Coffee Creamy Color Fit Eyeshadow Review


I am still quite crazy for Skinfood skinare and make up – the products are just so interesting and innovative and as soon as I saw these Coffee eyeshadows I knew it was a instant must have. Coffee eyeshadow?! Oh yes. Coffee Knickers, Coffee TV, Coffee Lovin’ – I’ll take anything coffee related. Skinfood’s Coffee Creamy Colour Fit Shades are quads, in round brown metallic pots. I bought two shades, 01 called Cafe Mink Mocha […]

Macaroon Makeup? Skinfood Macaroon Mini Fact Pink Glow Concealer & Highlighter


I have never tried a macaroon until recently, when I went to a Bodyshop Bloggers event – there were tons of them on the table! Almondy…crunchy….creamy….nom! Naturally I just had to buy the Skinfood Macaroon Mini Pact – even though I don’t quite know what a Mini Pact is – just incase it smelt like a macaroon. Ok here’s what they say it does. The mini pact is a concealer which covers imperfections and flaws. […]

Skinfood Fresh Juice Lip Gloss, Peach Juice & Coffee Bean Review


Love Skinfood so much at the moment, they have so many ranges of cosmetics and skincare too choose from it’s hard to resist. Can you imagine the scene if I got to visit Korea and was let loose in one of the stores?! *drools* Alas, I am not in Korea so I have to make do with eBay. My latest purchases are these Fresh Juice Lip Glosses, in Peach Juice (No. 6) and Coffee Bean […]

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