Stop the flakies! Dandrazol Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review


I have used SO MANY shampoos over the years for my flaky, itchy, sensitive scalp. The doctor has recommended various types to me, like T-Gel and some prescription ones but to be honest, they didn’t do that much for me (or at least not in the long term). I bought this shampoo from Boots on a total whim – I just happened to see it but hadn’t heard of it before. This shampoo is called […]

New Sensitive Skincare Range Discovery! Senzimi – Shampoo & Conditioner Review


I’m being introduced to more and more independent British skincare ranges lately, and it’s rather interesting to try things that aren’t always from the big brands. Senzimi Skincare is one of those ranges, created for sensitive skin. They aim to be transparent with their ingredients and avoid things like suphates and parabens. They quite rightly point out that with the influx of ‘organic’ products that aren’t necessarily any better than standard high street shampoo that; […]

Dry Problem Scalp? Golden Emu Oil Hair Plus Scalp Activator Review


I have had plenty of scalp troubles, itching, flaking and general uncomfortableness. I find that oils on the scalp really help soothe it (such as Olive and Coconut) so why not Emu!? I have talked about the benefits of Emu oil here and here. In brief, it is a fantastic moisturiser full of fatty acids and full of anti-oxidants and is also said to help with those that suffer from hair loss. The people who […]

Flaky, Dry, Problem Scalp? Dermanova Emollient Scalp Shampoo Review


I am still having troubles with my dry, flaky scalp and looking for a gentle shampoo that can treat it. I don’t like using products like Head & Shoulders for flaking – I find the shampoo itself quite harsh and irritating to my scalp. I have tried a LOT of shampoo’s and have yet to find one I want to stick to. I also used T-Gel which was fantastic for a few washes then sent […]

For the flakies: Schwarzkopf SEAH Hairspa Peeling Bath Shampoo


Its not the prettiest thing about switching products too often and this weather gives me a flaky, itchy scalp. It so uncomfortable, and unlike skin, our scalps is not just something we can whip out some lotion and moisturise. I am not one for Head and Shoulders, so I got this Schwarzkopf SEAH Hairspa Peeling Bath Shampoo, in a hope of seeing if it will do any better: They say: Textured SEAH HAIRSPA Peeling Bath […]

Organic Product Review: Yin Yang Scalp Cream

Regular readers will know I have trouble with my scalp sometimes and its not a easy thing to take care of. Certain shampoos can set me off, certain hair dyes, certain things I eat. I am always trying out new treatments and this one by organic skincare company Yin Yang caught my eye: This is Scalp Cream – its a wash or rub in cream which is rather interesting. The majority or scalp treatments I […]

Review: Redken Scalp Relief Treatments; Dandruff, Soothing and Detox


In my never ending pursuit of scalp relief, I stumbled across these Redken scalp treatment tonics. Applied after shampooing, I figured these would be a worthy investment. I bought all three since I suffer a little from each of the symptoms mentioned here, and (mainly) because I found them on eBay for about £4 each (retail is about £14/99). Bargain! Oil Detox for oily scalps. This is a very light oil that made my scalp […]

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