RMK New Ingenious Eyeshadow & Blushers


RMK have revamped their range of shadows and blushers and I got some products to sample it out! RMK is expensive – a hear a lot of people complain about the prices. I would say in the UK its around the same price points as Chanel – so yes it is expensive but it never was a cheap brand to begin with. Some of the items are worth it – the base products especially the […]

RMK New Eyeshadows & Blush Launch!


On June the 4th, RMK will launch their new range of eyeshadows (35 shades) divided up into 5 categories, Shiny (shimmery), Metallic (highly shimmery with glitter particles), Pearl (Iridescent texture) Brown and Dark (two I didn’t get a chance to try). There will also be 8 new cream (or jelly eyes) eyeshadows, 6 Jelly cheek blushers and 23 pearl and matte blushers. The blushers are no longer in square pans, but in rectangular ones with […]

5 White Lip Colours you should try!


White, silver, light shimmers – normally used to tone down pigmented lips or as a topping to another colour. I wear these kinds of colours very lightly (they are on a bit thicker for the swatches) but they are bright, fun and plumping! Stila Vanilla Lip Glaze: This is a very light beige and it smells lovely. It has tiny sparkles in it too. RMK Gloss Lips 09: This is lovely, a white colour with […]

Day 1: RMK Primers: Creamy Make Up Base and Liquid


April Month is Base Products Month! everyday this month there will a review a day on a base product. RMK Primers * *Ive just realised pictured here is the creamy primer and the colour control base – I do have the liquid primer too and this comes in a square, glass cube jar I just got mixed up at the time of photographing! I have always said that RMK make excellent base products, and they […]

RMK New Powder Foundation


I’ve had this compact for a little while now, and it’s taken me quite a bit to get it together. But here it is! RMK’s new powder foundation base in 104L: I am a big fan of RMK base products. For me, RMK, Chanel, Armani (face fabric foundation) make the best base products, and my new dabble in Illamaqua is also going very well. Did I tell you how badly I want Chanel’s Mat Lumiere […]

RMK Concealer Basic Liquid


RMK make some of the base products out there – their creamy foundation is one of the few things I have actually finished. I also have their powder, concealers and liquid foundation. Their basic concealer is an EXCELLENT concealer. It comes in a palette with a basic powder you have to buy separately – I bought mine yonks ago and it was quite expensive at the time, about £32 (you have to buy the palette, […]

New RMK Base Products


Released for Spring 2009 , RMK have some new base products. I am a big fan of the creamy foundation…it’s my second fav after La Mer’s. On the RMK site it says: It looks like there is a main powder and a highlight shade? I like the fact that there is a sponge for the first application and a brush for topping up through the day. The shades: I am a 103 in the winter, […]

RMK Spring Translucence Mini Haul


I went to RMK today to have a look at the Spring Translucence range.. It was a very meh collection – as pretty as the above multi use palette looked it was utterly, utterly unpigmented. The same for the eyeshadows, (at £20 each) were a pointless purchase. However – all is not lost. The lipstick and glosses (all non-LE) were STUNNING. I usually got for Lipstick C which has a gorgeous moisturizing texture. For a […]

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