Review: SKII Lip Repair, Oh-Er Posh Lip Balm!


Like many girls, I am obsessed with lip balm! Its one thing I keep buying more and more of. I try not to spend too much but I can’t help but be tempted – my most expensive purchase to date is a La Mer Balm (gorgeous) for £35. Since I bought some SKII skincare last month I decided to indulge in the Lip Repair Lip Balm too: I seriously dislike lip balms that are too […]

Bloomin’ heck – SKII Sheet Masks and other expensive things

So a few weeks ago I bought a loads of SKII skincare from eBay for half the price – it would have been too expensive otherwise and the lady sent me an amazing box of samples to go with it. Inside was a sheet mask and since its 01-01-2010, I decided to use it today. SKII’s Signs Dual Treatment Mask comes in two parts and unusually, they aren’t cut out into a face shape, they […]

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