Kill Germs, Make Friends: Melvita Purifying Hand Gel Review


I am utterly obsessed with anti bacterial hand gel – I am always applying it, because as well as killing germs, it also (I think) gets rid of the greasy feeling from your hands, such as after eating and after applying make up. I will use all kinds of anti-bacterial hand gel, cheap and pricey although I noticed that some really do dry your hands out quite badly. This Melvita Gel Purifiant Mains is my […]

Stay Hydrated! Melvita Beurre de Karite Shea Butter Repairing Balms Review


It’s chilly chilly outside, I don’t know about you but my skin is making me pay! The cold weather outside, the air conditioning at work and heaters at home mean my skin has lots of little dry patches which I am just about under control of (just about). I’ve not used Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream for years, so I needed something that was a instant intensive repair balm/cream/salve. Melvita’s Beurre de Karite is a […]

Sensitive, Flaky Scalp? Paraben & SLS free Melvita Shampoo & Conditioner Review


Regular readers will know I have a sensitive scalp and itches and flakes easily; as a result I avoid shampoos with SLS and Parabens whenever possible because they make my situation worse. Check out some other shampoos I recommend… However, just because a shampoo is SLS free, it does’t mean it always suits my hair. Another thing that you have to accept with SLS free shampoos is that your hair may feel a lot rougher […]

Want to protect your tan and dye yourself orange? Try Melvita Huile de Carotte Carrot Oil


So whilst I was on holiday I got heatstroke. Stupid really – I am not used to being in the sun and I basically toasted myself for 6 hours in the hardcore sun like someone who…has no idea how to behave in the sun. My brain, quite rightly, came to a standstill (arguably not for the first time) whilst we had dinner that night and I keeled over in a restaurant. Mr C finds it […]

Frangipani Body & Hair Hydrator! Melvita Monoi Dry Oil Review


My 5 favourite smells in the world: 1. Coffee. Doesn’t have to be freshly brewed, it just have to have the sweet scent of caffeine 2. Bacon. The really fatty bacon. 3. Mr C’s left cheek. Smells like babies for some reason, maybe he eats them secretly. 4. Hong Kong. It has a tang to the air, I love it. 5. Monoi Oil. I think it’s the Tahitian Gardenia or something, but it’s just gorgeous. […]

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