Review: Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Lipbalm


I’m one for a little innovation, so when I saw the Lip Glow product on my Dior counter, I just had to plonk down my £18.00 in Selfridges for this…this thing. Because first off, it’s not actually a lip balm. It’s not a lipstick. It’s not a lip gloss. It’s not a mood changing lip colour, like say, a mood ring (because god knows they are accurate). “What it is,” says the Dior lady “is […]

Review: Labello Lip Balm


Germany has given us massive sausages, fancy cars and lots of beer. What’s not to love? Labello is another German made brand. The very first lipbalm I ever owned was Labello – it was in rose, it was a very light sheer pink with a soft, gently scent. I can remember it to this day because I used it to the very end and I used to carry it in the upper pocket of my […]

Sara Happ The Lip Scrub Review


I’ve these lip scrubs for a few weeks and have only got round to a review now! Being not one to do things by halves I ordered all six flavours! Cinnamon Sugar – a sweet, cinnamony thick dark brown sugar paste: Peppermint – white sugar: Cocoa – Chocolatey good: Vanilla Bean: Almond Creme: Brown Sugar: Instructions: So basically this is a lip exfoliator. It’s main exfoliating component is good old sugar. There’s tons of product […]

Coffret D’or Lip Base Essence


One of my mother’s nicknames for me is ‘pouty lips’ because they are quite full and I sulk a lot. I never though of this as an asset until everyone starting pumping up their lips left, right and centre. Most of the pumpee’s I’ve seen look very duck like. I concur that god gave you what he gave you for a reason. Anyway, as full as my lips may be, they are terribly dry most […]

Discovered!: Elysambre Natural Cosmetics


I was ambling along, when a new cosmetic brand flashed in front of my eyes. Elysambre! This French brand with a very pretty name focuses on organic, green and ethical make up, all (or nearly all) refillable. Refillable eyeshadow, blush, foundation palettes – even the mascara and lip glosses are refillable. They come in sturdy copper containers in the first instance that you then refill to prevent waste. The brand is free of Parabens, PEG, […]

Illamasqua Haul! (again)


I seem to be unable to resist Illamasqua at the moment. Here is another haul: Gimp (pure matte black) and Fatal (deep matte purple): I was concerned about how so many of the shadows from Illamasqua are matte. I asked Leena, who is a senior artist on Illamasqua in Manchester and she said the creator, Alex Box wanted to create a range that was suitable for all age ranges. Older people or anyone with overly […]

Monday Giveaway – Illamasqua Lipstick in Scandal!


I will announce last weeks winners on Wednesday (since it was set on a Wednesday!). Also I haven’t sent out previous winners prizes out yet – sorry guys, been incredibly busy this month, but I will get it out by the end of this week! You know you want some Illamasqua, eh eh eh eh?! At the moment the Illamasqua website doesn’t ship abroad, but I have a little treat for you this week. Give […]

Kevin Beauty Maker Lip Concealer and Aqua Lipgloss


Ever since I discovered Beauty E-shop (based in the UK) I have been a bit obsessed with ordering Kevin Beauty Maker stuff from Taiwan. I have no doubt that the prices are jacked up but I don’t mind as most items are about £10 – with the current exchange rate issues, customs fees, delivery fees, delivery times, I’m happy to pay a bit more to get something the next day (they always seem to use […]

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