Rant: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine Lipstick Design Fault!


I own three Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shines in total, in a pink, a lilac and a glossy red. Cut a long story short: Pros: Gorgeous texture, gorgeous colour, just gorgeous to wear Cons: Not longwearing, expensive and the packaging! I don’t usually have a problem with the plastic casing of Shu Uemura Lipsticks – its quite retro and I don’t feel like I need opulence in every lipstick. However – these Supreme Shine […]

Lips of the Day: Shu Uemura Supreme Shine in Red RD 165 Review


I am now the owner of three Shu Uemura Supreme Shine lipsticks – these don’t generally last too well but by god, they are absolutely – gorgeous – instant – sex – bomb. Newest addition is RD 165 which they call a ‘Universal Red’. Glossy, sheer reds are my bag. I am too chicken to wear bright, matte, opaque red lipstick out day to day – there I said it. I’m not Coco Chanel, I […]

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine Lipstick in Lilac PK 052


UPDATE: Ladies, this shade is called PK 052! I reviewed the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine Lipstick before – love the texture, love the result but hate that it fades without a trace within a few hours. But I did say – I LOVE the result. Instant kitten with one coat. So I went back and bought this unusual shade: Sorry can’t remember the name of it – its Lilac and is one of […]

Lip of the Day: Besame Enchanting Lipstick in Gold Lame

These cute, tiny little pigmented lipstick from Besame are dainty and a really nice gift for Christmas! Its funny how these lipstick are so small – presumably ladies were more delicate and carried smaller purses around. Whereas these days – just try and find this lipstick at the bottom of my 42cm bag…. Anyway, Gold on the lips is perfect for the Christmas season, its more than a nude, its adds a tropical glow to […]

Review & Swatches: Etude House Code B

I love Etude House, its a Korean brand with lots of funky pieces at pretty good prices. I guess they are equivalent to our British high street brands but just about a million times better in terms of quality and presentation! These Code B Lipsticks are supposed to be volumizing, firming and moisturising. Here are the colours: I picked up two lipsticks from the Code B range, the red and orange: Here is the packaging:

Charity Haul!: Estee Lauder Elizabeth Hurley Pink Ribbon Lip Design Collection

I was on the Estee Lauder counter a few weeks ago where I picked up this pretty lip set: I bought it because £5 goes to charity (Breast Cancer) and its only £20 which is a good price for a lipstick, gloss, liner and case. There are two variations – Elizabeth (Hurley) and Evelyn (Lauder) sets. The Evelyn set was more pigmented, a bit more grown up and sophistcated and the Elizabeth is a little […]

Review: Becca Sheer Lip Tints in Laelia and Yasmina

Becca is one of those luxury brands that I love to lust after but it does have a hefty price tag to match. ASOS is actually a great place to pick up bargains as they always have good deals on brands like Becca, Pixi, TheBalm, Essie, Korres and so on. I picked up these 2 sheer lip tints as they were (or are) £11 (50% off the RRP of £22): I got Laelia (sheer peach […]

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