Look, don’t touch: Lancome Sparkling Cherub Illuminating Palette

Look what I got my hands on! Lancome’s limited (and largely sold out) Sparkling Cherub palette…technically an illuminator: Inside is a gorgeous palette – it has a beige/light gold outer rim, a bronze in the centre and a small pink heart detail. There is a glitter overspray on the powder, which is just gorgeous but WILL wipe away after a few uses. A closer look…just to admire…. Lancome releases some super pretty face palettes every […]

Product Wars: Lancome Artliner Vs. L’oreal Super Liner Reviews

Some people don’t do liquid eyeliner – I personally love them. As long as I have them in pen form, I can do a pretty decent eye, even in a moving vehicle that’s being driven erratically (isn’t that right, Mr Candy?). I adore this pen/felt tip/sponge tipped eyeliner pen. It makes lining SO easy. If you struggle with liquid liner application, seriously ditch the traditional skinny brush and try one of these out. Up for […]

Review: Lancome Laque Liner

Liquid Eyeliners can be such a pain in the neck – a good one I think has 2 things, that is – i. A great applicator and ii. A great opaque colour I had my eye on the Lancome Artliner but bought the Laque Liner instead, which is a black, slightly glossy wet look finish eyeliner: I am wary of these pot type liners – I need a firm brush, nothing too lose to get […]

Review: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation

I am trying to get RID of my foundations, not buy more but like a cat that keeps sniffing other cats butts, I just can’t help myself. I got a sachet for the Teint Idole and used it the other day when I was in a rush and the child (not mine before you ask) and the other half told me they liked it. Other half: Wow, what you are you wearing? Your skin looks […]

Lancome Haul: Erika F & Ombre Absolute Palette in G20

I did some hauling last week on the Lancome counter in Selfridges – I only wanted Erika F, that beautiful sparkly gunmetal shadow from the counter but a rather good make up artist called Jay did a nice look on me so I bought a quad too: The Quad is new out and exclusive to Selfridges for a month. There were three combinations, a green based one and typical smokey grey/black one and G20, the […]

5 totally weird lip stick colors to try

I’m away at the moment but I have left you with 5 completely off the wall lip colours to try – a greeny-yellow, and icy blue, a silver, a black and an apple green. Shu Uemura GR062s lipstick: No idea why I bought this, but I had a thing for green colours lately! This is a beautiful glossy lipstick which looks like a sickly yellow, and leaves a light, greeny gloss on the lips. Green […]

5 red lipsticks you should try


It’s a soft, summery day in England, and I have already been run off my feet. Yesterday, baby Gomez bounce bounce bounced herself off a bed meaning my evening consisted of sitting in A&E with drunks with broken wrists and whiny children. Today I have been on a bag hut, and ended up in the Mulberry shop making three purchases, for auntie, for mama and for me. God I love handbags. This followed by a […]

5 Weird & Wonderful Lip Glosses for Weekend

It’s not all about your peachy pinks, your pink beige, milky beige, cherry reds and juicy oranges. Glosses come in all kinds of colours! I had a rummage though my lipgloss draw and found 5 of my most unusual colours. I nicked the style of lip photo from Karen at Make Up & Beauty Blog, it looks good and it means I don’t need to take a separate product and lip swatch image. 1. Lancome […]

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