Innisfree Eco Nail Polish Review & Swatches


Innisfree is a Korean Eco Beauty Brand with a number of cosmetic and skincare products. I’ve tried a few things and recently purchased these Eco Nail Polishes (I can’t find ingredient details anywhere!) because there were so many pretty shades to choose from (over 60!). Overall I’m not sure what I think of the Korean and Japanese nail polishes I’ve used so far. They can be on the gloopy side. I bought 4 shades of […]

Skinfood Creamy Smoky Eye Crayon and Under Eye Pencil Swatches


I love eye pencils especially super creamy smoky ones so purchased these Skinfood Smoky Eye Crayons to try – I liked that they have a twist to them and a hint of colour. I bought olive, blue back and the under eye pencil in silver (which is supposed to make your eyes look wider). This comes in 4 variations: 1 – Blue Black 2 – Olive 3 – Brown 4 – Purple and the under […]

Asian Beauty Products No. 2: What are Sleeping Packs?


Sleeping packs are overnight products, generally a gel type texture that you apply and wash off in the morning. It sinks into the skin as normal cream would so you can sleep and not worry about it getting everywhere! The earliest type of ‘sleeping pack’ I tried was RMK recovery gel. You apply it at night time and wash it off in the morning for a nourishing boost. Sleeping packs come with various benefits, some […]

Asian Beauty Products No. 1: What is BB Cream or Blemish Balms?


This week I am doing some basic Asian beauty guides for newbies who would like to know more about Asian products. Today is BB Creams! BB stands for Blemish Balm. BB cream was originally formulated in Germany to help laser surgery patents protect and heal their skin. In Korea it really took off and therefore most of the major BB creams come from Korean brands. BB creams tend to offer a all in one protection; […]

Review: Etude House Top 10 V-Line Maker Highlight & Contour

Contouring, I find, makes a big difference to the face, even if its just a quick bit of shading and highlighting. I bought this unusually names Top 10 V-Line Maker from Ebay, by Korean brand Etude House. As well as being a bronzer, its also a ‘V Line’ maker – V line? Do they mean cleavage enhancer? It there’s one place I don’t need enhancing, its there! How to use? Etude House have given us […]

Review: Skinfood Olive Oil Hair Essence

Since getting my hair cut (more on that experience later) I’ve been determined to treat my extremely dry hair carefully with lots of nourishing treatments, so that if I do grow it again, it won’t be a big massive frizzy hair bomb. Olive Oil is a wonderful treatment for the hair, but I liked the look of this Skinfood Olive Hair Essence which I saw on eBay (about £8 with shipping). The essence is a […]

Review: Skinfood Rice White Mochi Stick Foundation

Skinfood is a very cute Korean brand with tons and tons of skincare and make up products (plenty have been reviewed on this blog) and I decided to try out one of their base products. Buying base items online is always somewhat problematic – there’s guarantee it will match but I ordered shade no.2 anyway from eBay. (Korean make up I find, is a little on the light side whereas I am a medium NC35 […]

Primer Review: Etude House Peach Pore Base


Whilst we are talking peaches today, I may as well talk about Etude House’s rather cool Pore Erasing Peach Base. A fairly thick, dense mousse type textured primer (or can be used on its own if you have nice skin), it fills in the pores and creates a slightly matte, smooth finish. The texture is very hard to explain. It does remind me of a very very dense mousse, one that has had practically all […]

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