Happy June!


Woot! I am happy because the sun is out. The kittehs are very hot and bothered by the heat (see pic). There is a new giveaway this week, some luxury skincare for you all and look out for last weeks winners. I am attending a 50s hair and beauty course at the weekend which I am very excited about! Also please vote to give me an idea of what to look to do (if any!) […]

Monday Giveaway: 2true cosmetics, 3 goodies, 5 winners!


…and as we all know, 2 plus 3 plus 5 = 235! I wish math was that easy. Swatches! Before I get to the giveaway there’s a little update to general stuff – the swatch gallery is taking ages so may not be launched properly untill early June.  I have so much make up people! And I have to swatch and photograph every single one under studio conditions as well as deal with the layout.  […]

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