New Brand Haul: VDL (Violet Dream Luminous) Locking Pressed Powder, Expert Color Lip Cube, Festival Eyeshadow


Just a shorty post – I saw a brand recently called VDL (stands for Violet Dream Luminous….errr…yes) a Korean beauty brands owned by LG (yes, the electronics people).   I couldn’t resist hunting down and buying some items and so far – they are LOVELY.  I bought the Expert Colour Lip Cube colours in Rosewood (beige) and Outbloom (red), Locking Pressed Powder, Lavender Eye Primer and two of the Sparkling eyeshadows in Chocolate and Bronze. […]

THE HAUL I WAS EXCITED ABOUT! Stylenanda 3CE 3 Concept Eyes Haul!


I just happened to spot a random product when browsing a few weeks ago, called a ‘Lip Paint’ and from that point on I had to find out more about the brand…the range is called 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) from a Korean fashion brand called Style Nanda (similar to Urban Outfitters / American Apparel but less pervy).  I ended up doing a big haul from Korea – it will take me a little while to […]

L’oreal 3 for 2 Haul! Super Liner, Glam Shine Diamantissime and E6 Velours Noir


  Every now and then I do a little haul when there’s 3 for 2 in Boots or Superdrug – and in this case, I was looking for the L’oreal Glam Shine Diamantissime lip gloss as I have thing for super duper glittery glosses at this time of year.  I ended up taking advantage of the 3 for 2 by purchasing an eyeshadow palette and a Super Liner, as I love sponge tipped liquid liners.  I […]

Mary Quant Eye Opener Eyeshadows Scientific Discussion and Palette Haul! Swatches! Pic Heavy!


Mary Quant’s Eye Opener Eyeshadows come in an impressive selection – 120 colours to be exact, always with 12 seasonal limited edition colours. The eyeshadows cover a smörgåsbord of shades and textures. Below is a chart of all the colours.  From left to right (treat each one as a vertical column) they cover the following colour groups: Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow Green, Green, Blue, Violet, Purple, Flesh Pink, Flesh Yellow, Neutral and Lightness.  The textures […]

Mary Quant Powder Blush Baby Blushers & Face Final Pressed Powder Haul and Swatches


To continue with the Mary Quant theme today, here is the face palette that I put together whilst I was at the shop. I picked one very pretty pressed face powder, the Face Final and two blushers in a brown and pink which fit into a Large palette (L). The face powder was about £19.50, the blushers are £14.50 and the palette was £10.50. Mary Quant also stocks loose face powder and a selection of […]

Haul: Pick and Mix MAC Eyeshadows!

A good month ago, I had a little freak out and decided to buy 12 random MAC eyeshadows. I asked the lady on the phone to read some names out over the phone and I picked some that sounded good. Yes I really did this. What it is, I bought a cute 12 pan empty palette from eBay (seller: Celia_makeup) – I like it cos its smaller than the normal MAC palette, and its easy […]

Haul: Coffret D’or

The other day, Mr Candy said to me, “I know you know.” “You know what?” “I know about your….hauls.” He said to to me which such an ominous dark chill, that for a moment, I felt an icy chill. Mr Candy stalks me on this blog – infact, he takes care of technical so how could he not find out about my many hauls? If only I could be bothered doing fiddly things myself. I […]

Sunday Chit Chat: Random Haulages

I don’t just buy make up I don’t need! – I love to buy gifts for people and crafty arty things. Anyway this some random bits I bought this week. I had a hellish trip to Primark at lunchtime this week. It was awful. The Primark crowd is an unusual one; a mixture of nutters, students, the unemployed* and bizarrely enough, mothers with several children who feel the need to bring their kids to the […]

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