Jo Malone Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign & Tea Fragrance Blends for October!


Jo Malone has some really lovely releases on counter this October!   Firstly, Jo Malone is supporting The Estee Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign.  Throughout October 2012, Jo Malone London will be donating £5 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s UK research grants from every UK sale of Red Roses Cologne 100ml. A scent that’s a voluptuous blend of seven of the world’s most exquisite roses, its delicate shade of pink echoes the […]

Penhaligon and Alex Monroe’s Peoneve Collection


I recently developed a crush on Alex Monroe’s quirky yet wearable jewellery designs! The Goring shrimp (in rose gold) necklace would be my first choice – it’s so unusual but adorable at the same time! If Shrimp ain’t your thing, then his exclusive pieces launched to coincide with Penhaligon’s latest fragrance Peoneve is wholly wearable and very elegant! Says the man himself:  “Peonies have always been a favourite of mine but I’ve found them impossible […]

Christmas Gift Picks No. 2: Jo Malone’s Christmas Cracker


For Christmas 2011 I’ll be doing gift recommendations every day – stuff that I genuinely think are good value and make unusual, lovely gifts! Keep an eye out for a chance to win the gift recommendation of the day too! There’s no doubt that Jo Malone is a luxurious range which has the prices to match.  The brand has a gorgeous feel though; it’s definitely a good gifting brand in that they can wrap everything […]

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Collection; Body & Handwash Review


Let me make a guilty Beauty Blogger confession. I don’t own anything from Jo Malone. I don’t actually know much about Jo Malone.  I walk past their counters now and then, all the uniform bottles neatly aligned side by side but am too scared to go over and have a sniff.  I feel like it’s the kind of counter I’d go to if I was choosing a wedding perfume, or one of those, ‘once in […]

Cocktail Scents! Benefit Ring My Bella Eau De Toilette Review


I first spied Benefit’s super cute range of fragrances a few weeks ago, even though the ‘Crescent Row’ scents have been around for-ever.  They were all lined up pretty, shaped like cocktail shakers.  So cute! And they all come in a little house too: Benefit’s newest fragrance offering is called Ring My Bella, and it is an unashamedly girly, floral, sweet but slightly sexy shade.  I don’t use that many perfumes regularly because I an […]

Dariya Japan Men’s Palty Solid Fragrance Stick Oriental Review


I’m not one for spraying perfume on myself throughout the day – I think it’s a little too pungent especially in the work place. So I am a fan of body sprays and solid perfumes for touching up! Dariya is a huge brand in Japan and the Palty range is famous for hair dye – but it also has a extensive range of products for men. This Palty solid fragrance stick comes in a few […]

Pacifica Mexican Cocoa, Spanish Amber, Tibetan Mountain Temple & Lotus Garden Review


After writing a review on my current Pacifica collection, I decided that I needed more solid perfumes that suited the Autumn/Winter season. Researching the Pacifica site I decided to hunt down four more scents, Mexican Cocoa, Spanish Amber, Tibetan Mountain Temple & Lotus Garden Review. Ooh yes. Not happy about the pricing. These are just $9 each on the Pacifica US site, in the UK they are sold for £10 or sometimes more. Cheeky! Anyway […]

Pacifica Solid Perfume; Waikiki Pikake, Tahitian Gardenia, Tunisian Jasmine, Tuscan Blood Orange Review


When I decide I want something, I usually have to buy it in 2′s or multiple of 2′s because I don’t want the original one to be lonely. I decided I wanted to try some Pacifica solid perfumes so I decided to buy a couple to try. There are some totally gorgeous choices so it’s hard to pick! They Say: Pacifica’s dazzling new Solid Perfumes are made with organic soy and coconut wax and Pacifica’s […]

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