Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Summer Bronzing Gel & Exotic Bronzing Blush

Estee Lauder have launched two Limited Edition Bronzing Products as part of the Bronze Goddess 2010 Summer collection. There’s a Summer Bronzing Gel (a light tinted gel) and a Exotic Bronze Blush which is somewhere between the two! The bronzing gel is a lighweight, sheer formula that gives a warm, non streaky finish. I can second this – I fear tanning products very much, but this was easy peasy to use and gives a natural […]

Beauty Yay or Nay? Bradley Cooper and his Uneven Fake Tan


Bradley Cooper, one of those actors who I can’t associate with any film of any substance appeared at the Valentine’s Day (The Film!) premiere the other day looking like….well, what is it?: Oh let me guess, it didn’t look like that when he left the house? Some people suggested that this wasn’t fake tan, it was just that he got a real tan and the sun didn’t reach the beardy bits. I would suggest that […]

Want J.Lo Glow? Scott Barnes Body Bling Moisturizing Shimmering Lotion

To be honest, I’m not one for fake tan, and I’m not one for all over shimmery body lotions but I do have a thing for Scott Barnes and decided to pick up one of his Body Bling Lotions when it was listed on eBay. This is the Body Bling in its newest form, which is a squeezy tube, in Platinum for cooler/pale skintones and Original, which is for darker/warm skintones: They Say: Body Bling […]

Review: Vanilla Scented Xen-Tan!

Everywhere I looked (well ok, Selfridges beauty hall) I kept seeing the name Xen-Tan…so of course I had to try it out. The thing with fake tan is that every week there’s a new one…every one making the same old promises. Not orange. Non streaky. Not smelly. Most lie. I am not a fake tan fan but I can be persuaded into anything apart from eating liver. Chills, chills. Xen-Tan say: XEN-TAN (pronounced ZEN-TAN) the […]

St. Tropez Aero Bronze

How did I, a non-fan of Fake Tans (although I am testing them because one must have an open mind as a beauty blogger, no?) end up with WAG’s favourite spray on tan from St. Tropez? Well, originally for the reason of testing, I ordered a fake bake mousse for £9 but the company contacted me, said they didn’t have it and would I like an upgrade to a £20 lotion or spray of St […]

Review: Vani T Bronzing Custard Fake Tan – 99 per cent Natural?

Just the name, Bronzing Custard is enough to make you go mmmmm. Unfortunately this was not actually a custard and was not the texture of custard. However – Australian Brand, Vani-T’s Bronzing Custard is a rather nice gradual tan product that boasts 99 per cent natural ingredients. They say: a unique blend of intense, hydrating oils and powerful antioxidants quench the skins thirst, leaving it hydrated, fresh and radiant. Formulated with Marine Collagen extract, Aloe […]

Review: Ecotan Spray on Fake Tan

Even though I am terrified of fake tan, I plonked down £20 for this large spray of Ecotan. I felt that its clear liquid would be easy peasy to use. They say: This clear self-tan has an innovative spray pump, (what? It’s just a spray – Ed.) which gives a fine even coverage all over your body leaving you with a beautiful, natural and even tan. Can be re-applied until you achieve the correct depth […]

Review: Lavera fake tan


So I have brought it on myself to test a number of fake tans since were officially in the Summer (I am guessing) and fake tan is a way of life for many many ladies. Let me tell you why I am not a fan. It looks orange. It doesn’t look orange to you. But 99% it looks orange to me. You don’t care what I think about your tan anyway but I am just […]

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