Monday Giveaway & Chit Chat

Hallo lovely ladies, What a week last week was – ever taken time of work but ended up even more exhausted? That’s me. I found many things going wrong last week but then MJ died and left me with a sense of sadness and all the general tittle tattle faded away. Now – there have been wordpress upgrade issues – so the sidebar isn’t working quite so well and it has been nearly impossible responding […]

Monday Giveaway: MU GU White Rabbit Palette, one of a kind!


Pray for me. I need this week to be easy or else I may spontaneously combust. For you my lovelies, this week is a treat from Mu Gu, a Taiwanese brand. Looks: Cute, huh? You get a multi striped blush and 6 cute shimmery eyeshadows all in a very sweet white mirrored palette. To win answer this: What is the strangest dream you have had? Can be make up related. Or not. I ask this […]

Monday Giveaway: 5 sets of Naked Coco De Mer Bath Foam, Body Wash & Body Butter


It’s Monday! So its time for this weeks giveaway. Once again, there are going to be FIVE winners, each taking home three lovely goodies, a body butter, body wash and bath foam. Naked Bodycare are giving away these sets to celebrate the launch of the new Facebook site. Join the Naked Bodycare Facebook page and get 50% off your first purchase of anything in the Naked range, by visiting their website here ( This offer […]

Monday Giveaway: 2true cosmetics, 3 goodies, 5 winners!


…and as we all know, 2 plus 3 plus 5 = 235! I wish math was that easy. Swatches! Before I get to the giveaway there’s a little update to general stuff – the swatch gallery is taking ages so may not be launched properly untill early June.  I have so much make up people! And I have to swatch and photograph every single one under studio conditions as well as deal with the layout.  […]

Monday Giveaway: Nars Liquid Liner & Gloss In Orgasm & Striptease


Yup, the post is in the title. Giveaway – one full size Nars Liquid Liner with mini brush, called Shakedown, a warm plum/burgundy and a dual ended lipgloss with the shades Orgasm and Striptease. In other news: Lots of cool stuff coming next week beginning the 18th. Stay tuned! To enter, leave a comment answering this: What intentionally annoying thing do you do? Me: I always ask for a new collectors card every time I […]

Wednesday Giveaway: Boots Perfect & Protect!

I was about to write Tuesday Giveaway, then I realized it’s already Wednesday! Happy April Fools Day! This weeks giveaway is Boots Protect and Protect Serum. This stuff caused a RIOT when a BBC show called Horizon picked it out as one of the anti ageing serums that had visible results. After the BBC2 science series Horizon’s March 27 programme investigated the increasingly outrageous claims on the jars of the elite cosmetics houses, its conclusion […]

Winner Announcement of Illmasqua Scandal

There will be a giveaway this week but you’ll have to wait! I’m running around like a headless chicken! The winner of the Illamasqua Scandal Lipstick is: LIBBY! There were some brilliant creations – you can read all about them HERE. However, you gotta love a girl that is not afraid of her Gingeritis. Congratulations Libby, email me –

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