Mini Blog Sale 2014 Alert – Asian Cosmetics Galore!


Well, what it is…I am currently trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible over the next few months before we move, and that includes cosmetics.  I was doing some de-stashing and realised that I have a LOT of barely touched and mainly completely brand new products (many Asian beauty products) from my crazy hauling (before I had baby H!) that I doubt I will get round to using, and even if I […]

Another blog sale update….


Another update for you all as I am not usually as scatty as this but I only finally completed my house move on Sunday and everything is a mess! UK parcels have been dispatched, by courier or Royal Mail.  Next up will be internationals which I hope to work on this week and get out in the next 10 days.  Once again, I will email international buyers as soon as I can with tracking numbers. […]

Blog Sale Update!


Many thanks to everyone who has purchased from the blog sale. I have everything in a spreadsheet, and my aim is to start packing orders this weekend and next weekend.  I am moving in 8 days time and WE HAVEN’T MOVED ANYTHING YET, so it is going to be hectic, but I will do my best.  EVERYONE will get an email with their tracking number on once things are sent, so do not fret.  If […]

Blog Sale 2013!


OMG. Too many numbers. I AM SORRY IT’S LATE.  Been working on it til the last minute. Anyway here it is, the link the the Blog Sale for 2013. I am never doing this again! The link is HERE Hope you find something you like in the sale anyhow! I’m off to down a coffee and eat my well earned kebab x

Blog Sale Preview List – Lips, Nails and Eyeliners – Final Part!


Aloha ladies! I am afraid it is still extremely extremely busy here in Casa Candy – we have got a crazy few weeks coming up so I am very much behind on everything.  However – the blog sale is READY! Well…rem…it will be.  It will go live tomorrow, that is: SATURDAY 29th JUNE 2013 at 8PM GMT.   I’ll be spending the next few days going through and checking as much as I possibly can. […]

Blog Sale Date Announcement!


UPDATE: The blog sale date has been changed to – SATURDAY 29th JUNE 2013 at 8PM.   It’s time for another blog sale! The date of the next blog sale 2013 will be Saturday 22nd June at 8pm.  I wanted to do it this weekend but there’s too much to work through still, sorry!   If you are new to my blog sales, here is some background. Every time I do a blog sale (on […]

Blog Sale Update…


Hello ladies! Just a quick update regarding the blog sale that I left up – I’ve been getting requests though regularly, but at the moment I am too busy to organise sales because as time goes on and people buy stuff, I forget to knock them off the master list so in order to see if I still have something, I need to go through the ‘big box’, and physically look for it. This can […]

Blog Sale 2012 Listing!

29th January Update: Sold items have been updated – some sales might fall through, if so the products will be passed on to the next person on the list! Thanks! The blog sale is on this page. Please read the terms and conditions and list your purchases with number, name, price and whether you are UK or INTERNATIONAL. Thankyou!

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