Melvita Baby Range to be Discontinued


I have pretty much worked my way through every natural/eco-friendly/organic baby range you can think of (am compiling my absolute favourites for a post…soon).  I was annoyed when L’Occitaine discontinued their gorgeous hair and body wash, now Melvita is discontinuing their baby range – which is a real shame.  Their cleansing water and massage oil were my favourite picks.  Only a few items are still available on their website at 40% off.  I will be […]

Speed Review: Dr Bronner’s Magic All One Baby Mild Balm and Pure Castile Soap Review


Baby H now has a rather impressive stable of skincare products – I only use gentle products that are as natural as possible that work for his delicate skin.   Dr Bronner is a range I find interesting – I went through a phase when they first arrived in the UK of buying every single Dr Bronner wash available and trying them out.  I thought they were very nice although I didn’t go on to […]

Salcura Zeoderm & Dermaspray Liquid Moisturiser for (babies!) Dry Skin, Ezcema, Psoriasis


A few months ago Baby H had infected eczema which was terrible; it got red, hot and inflamed and I had to set him on the path to repair which was not easy when dealing with a little one. I stopped using all commercial skincare products and used a wash the Dr gave us and plain water where possible. I did end up buying this product I saw on Amazon – a moisturising spray (because […]

L’Occitane Mom & Baby Cleansing Gel & Mom and Baby Balm Review


Baby C is naturally, in possession of stellar collection of organic smelly baby stuff.  And I’m not talking about his poo although…can I confirm his smells like warm butter? Too much information…I digress. So far, I have used up Burts Bees which I like, and half used some Green Baby products.  I am fond of the Baby Bee products and if anything, the smell is now nostalgic as it’s the first products we used on […]

SLS Free Baby Skincare and Haircare Products!


Baby Candy has a rather impressive collection of skincare, I tell ya, cos I can’t stop buying new products for him! As he’s preterm and tiny, he seems to have very pink, translucent skin, which can get quite flaky at times (on his hands and feet).  I am dedicated of course, to keeping him well moisturised, but at the same time, I can’t yet give him a full body massage or anything as he gets […]

Meet Baby Candy…


Hello Ladies! I’ve been quiet lately because as those of you who follow me on Twitter will know, little Baby Candy made an appearance 4 weeks earlier than expected under somewhat rushed circumstances! And it’s a…..BOY!   We called him Harrison.  We had another name in mind until we saw him.  Here’s a photo we took a few hours after he was born.  He likes to sleep with one hand to his face! He is […]

Special Announcement: Do you notice anything different about me?


When I’ve asked that question, the answer is pretty much the same each time; “Well your breasts look huge. I mean, really huge”. To which I reply, “Where have you been? They’ve always been huge”… But I digress… Can you see?  No ignore my visible bra straps. There’s a Baby Candy in there!

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