Courthouse Clinics Facial Review and A Fab Adult Acne Guide!


Skincare is at the forefront of my mind this year; I am really keen to look after my skin as I am getting older, getting less rest etc.  So I have been trying different treatments.  One notable treatment I tried just before Christmas was at The Courthouse Clinics. Aside from surgical procedures, they also offer non-surgical procedures for people who prefer a different approach.  I tried the CoffeeBerry Enzyme Peel combined with the Omnilux Red […]

Testing the Lustre Pure Light Device: Part 1


The Lustre Pure Light Acne Treatment Device is a hi-tech piece of equipment for use at home, that is for treating acne.  The device uses Blue Light Technology, which kills bacteria found within the skin, known as P Acnes – which causes (you guessed it!), acne! The device has to be used for around ideally over hour a day (total of 8 hours per week) over a 12 week period to significantly reduce inflammation and […]

3 Spot Correctors: Clinique Post Blemish Formula, Skinfood Tomato Whitening Spot Serum & Skin79 AC Clinic Spot Renewal Corrector


A couple of months ago, I had a dry patches on my face – they were red and angry and I did something silly and put a placenta face mask on top which made everything a million times worse. Eventually everything faded away apart from a rather large spot on my cheek, about an inch under my eye. A dry patch had turned into a spot and this was no ordinary spot – there was […]

Asian Beauty Products No. 4: What are Night Time Acne Care Powders?


Acne Care Night Powders are, well, powders that you apply before bedtime which are supposed to help prevent spots! These powders tend to be white but are translucent, with medicinal qualities to help control oil, conceal pores, prevent breakouts and seal in moisture. You can use these powders at the end of your night time routine over your moisturisers. I have used two, Naris Up Acmedica Acne Night Care Powder and Ettusais Acne night Time […]

Better than Mario Badescu Drying Liquid? Etude House AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot Review


I don’t like wimpy spot treatments. I like ones that search and destroy. So, I am a big fan of Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion – it’s a great overnight spot treatment. When I spotted this Etude House AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot treatment set, I knew it was basically the same kind thing as Mario Badescu’s BUT- it comes in a set, is cheaper (around £9 including shipping) and…well it’s cute. I wasn’t sure what […]

Twitter Recommends: PanOxyl Aqua Gel Spot Treatment Review


I get spots occasionally, sometimes a few little manageable ones and sometimes a giant painful stonker of a spot. I really like Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and other spot treatments I have used are ok but I have yet to find a ‘killer’ product that knocks spots dead. The Cillit Bang of spot creams. Twitter spoke to me and recommended PanOxyl, an over the counter product for spots (Over the counter means something you have […]

Take That, zit! Nexcare 3M Acne Care Spot Patch Treatment Stickers Review


3M (yes 3M – who make stationery) Nexcare Acne Treatment Patches are highly popular in Asia – these little stickers go on top of your spot overnight and dry them out overnight (or so they say!). There are so many variations on this product these days that it’s hard to pick out exactly which are the best! These treatment patches work best of spots that are filled with pus – they flatten and draw the […]

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