Suqqu LE Christmas Palette

Due to the awful exchange rate and a missing parcel from Ichibankao (I know!! it happens so rarely but it’s happened, sob sob) I am on a minimal international buy (well…there is a Facial Shop haul on its way and a Adam’s beauty and a…anyway that’s beside the point).

Boy was I lucky when I found this set on eBay for….£32.99. You know that Suqqu is cringingly expensive. Cringe brands for me are Suqqu, Cle De Peau, SKII, Le Mer, that sort of league.

Anyway here it is. This is like $107 I think, on Ichibankao which would make it about £80 via Paypal’s stupid pricing system.

I don’t mean to be anal but the seller left fingerprint marks on the shiny case. Don’t you hate that? I especially hate it on Chanel, because the black picks up grease more than anything so when they take it out of the box to show me *thereeee you go love* it makes me go URGH!

Anyway. This set has the quad EX01, full of beiges and cool browns and sparkling top coat in EX02 which has silver glitter in it. The bag is a faux white leather pouch and its VERY nice. I never ever use the pouches that come with coffrets but I really love this one so I think I will use it.

The mascara looks very fibery – you can see them as you pull the brush out. It looks pretty good though although I have lots of other mascaras to use up first.

The palette is nice – one of those use anytime neutrals. I’d like to have something completely different sometimes – some real party fun for Xmas you know? But there you go.

I like! I like the fact it was a bit of a bargain too!

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  1. sue says

    i’ve been eye-ing on this set on ichibankao but atlas it’s too expensive for my studenty budget. think i’m gonna opt for the coffret d’or or lavshuca set instead

    hey, can you recommend any good anti-aging eye cream? i’m ready to splurge if i have to…gotta fight them wrinkles

  2. Row says

    Hey Sue

    I know its very expensive however you look at it. I have ordered the Lavshuca set althought methinks the Coffred D’or will be more unique.

    Eye creams I like, well…I love Le Mer’s Eye Concentrate. It’s £125 it comes with a metal applicator, god I love it but every expensive. I am also using Philosophy’s Eye and Lip Concentrate, thats about £30 I believe and my eye area has been feeling soft and firmer too. I also like Dr Brant R3P Eye Cream which is about £60 from Space NK. I always try to get a sample though, some eye creams are a bit too much and make my eyes water like mad! x