Supermarket Find: Indian Amla Powder and Multani Cleanser!

I was in Asda a few months ago*, a large British Supermarket which is tailored towards the clinically insane when I spotted these rather cool looking products.

*yeah…slight blog backlog

Thing is, Supermarket stock changes from store to store depending on the area its in. In this case, I was in an area with a large Asian* community so I noticed a whole host of interesting food and also a beauty section with things like natural coconut oils, face masks and these powders.

*in the UK ‘Asian’ tends to refer to Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi etc. whereas in the US I know it tends to mean Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Thai etc.

Ta Da!

Amila Multani Hair Powder Cleanser-1-1.jpg

All my Asian friends have straight, thick, strong, glorious hair.

The Amla powder is made from Indian Gooseberry – apparently it works well as a hair mask, increasing thickness and slowing down hair loss. It can also be used on the face as it has natural astringent properties.

The Multani Powder is actually….fullers earth! This is a natural mud which is a deep cleanser – remember the kitty litter masks people kept doing on You Tube? This is the same thing. Fullers Earth is sometimes used as a cheaper Cat Litter as its absorbent.

Buying it in this packet is far more appealing that applying it from a big bag that says ‘Fussy Puss’ on it. Unless you are a fussy puss….

indian powders.jpg

With these powders you can just mix them with water and apply to the skin and hair. I only paid about 99p for these so its a bit of a beauty bargain!

So far I have tried the Amla Powder (fullers earth is oil absorbing – my skin is completely flaky and dry at the moment so I am not even attempting it). and its wonderful! Its green, paste like and made my hair shiny.

Ingredients list:

The Amla Powder is good for scalp conditions, which is great for me.

As you can see, the ingredients are pretty natural – no messing:

Amla Powder-1.jpg

The Multani Powder is also just Fullers Earth and no additives. I personally find these mud masks quite strong so try a small patch first.

multani mati.jpg

I am pretty sure you can buy these at most Indian Supermarkets and also online for cheap.

Do you know of any other way to prepare these masks?

Would you try these products?

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  1. says

    Boil mint leaves with the rosewater and let it steep in it for an hour..strain and use it. It’s great for oily skin that begins to shine has an extremely drying effect. it sucks the grease (for those with very oily skin) out of your skin so poeple with normal/dry skin should avoid it at all cost.Mix them thoroughly and apply on you face evenly with rose water or honey if you wish.their proportion is not very significant as it is a harmless mixture.just make sure all ingredients are present though not in meagre amount.turmeric may also be added

  2. says

    Boil mint leaves with the rosewater and let it steep in it for an hour..strain and use it** mix it with multani mitti aka multani cleanser make a paste and apply on face

  3. Caroline says

    That’s interesting, when I refer to asians people I know think of chinese/korean/japanese ect. and I live in London :D.

    • Row says

      Hi Caroline

      Thats interesting. I have never known anyone (apart from Americans) refer to me, for example, as Asian. Asian always means Pakistani or Indian where I am from. I’ve even had because critisise ‘asians’ in front of me because it doesn’t occur to them that I am also, technically ‘asian’!

  4. says

    OMG.. Multani mitti reminds of my teenage years :) . I used to apply it on my face before special occasions. I use to add little bit of rose water to it to give your face a cold press and it smells wonderful as well.

  5. says

    The Amila powder sounds lovely for my winter hair which has been quite unhappy lately. Will have to search for this.