Super Duper Glitter Nail Varnishes! Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT01 Swatch!

I love a shimmery and glittery polish – why? Because any idiot can apply a glitter polish and make it look good, present company included.

Having said that I despise removing them -urgh.  But I love the effect. I either don’t wear a polish or wear something quite striking, nothing inbetween.

When I spotted these Tony Moly Galaxy polishes back in June (I know, I’m so behind) I had to buy all of them!  Tony Moly have a really impressive range of polishes (besides the Galaxy ones).

Tony Mony Galaxy Nail Polishes

I like the packaging on these – they’re sort of stumpy fat nail polishes.  The nail polish is really glittery – like REALLY glittery. Hence Galaxy. Everyone knows the Galaxy is sparkly.

Today I am swatching the first shade, GT01 which to me has a black base with tons of micro sparkles.

There are tons of micro sparkles in this and they are completely multi coloured.  It could almost be…too much.

Super Duper Glitter Nail Varnishes Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT01 Swatch

This reminds me of a Anna Sui lipstick which is clear with tons of sparkles in it. It’s complete rubbish of course.

Here is the polish – you can see it looks quite pigmented and it isn’t thin at all (there isn’t a smattering of glitter, it is densely packed with sparklers).  Super Duper Glitter Nail Varnishes Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT01 Swatch 1

This is with 2 coats applied – you an see how well it covers the nail and the glitter is supper shiny.  When it dries it feels somewhat rough because there is so much glitter in it:

Super Duper Glitter Nail Varnishes Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT01 Swatch 3

Is it a pain to remove. YES!

Although the base is black you can see the tons of gold, red, blue glitters.  For me the red and blue really stand out and almost clash a little. I like this one!

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polishes GT01 Swatch

So that’s GT01 a mish mash of mad sparkle.

What do you think of this shade?


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  1. Shannon says

    where did you make your purchase? would love to grab these myself! was it gmarket or was there a more user friendly webshop? LOL thanks!

  2. says

    OH wow. It looks like the universe :) Sorry been reading too much into my postgrad readings today. The effect really is beautiful, I guess it needs a top coat to make it feel less chunky?

  3. says

    they look amazing! you definitely need to google the tin foil trick, that genuinely removes glitter in minutes with no fuss, I love it so much I even use it on normal polish to remove!