Super Cute: Sew Lomax Make Up Bags

Anyone with a lot of make up needs appropriate make up storage – as you can imagine I have a big collection of drawers but also differently sized cosmetic bags that I put all my goodies in to. 

One of the first cosmetic bags I ever invested in was a black Lulu Guiness bag with 4 lipsticks sewn on the front, that I paid £40 for in the sales. I loved it to death.  

That bag is…well god knows where.  But I recently received this gorgeous bag from Sew Lomax, which immediately reminded me of that first luxury beauty bag:

Sew Lomax Bag Review

Sew Lomax is the creation of Emma Lomax, a young London designer who has created a range of embroidered and hand embellished bags.  Her range varies from make up bags, pouches, gadget bags and so on…everything has that really lovely personal vintage feel to it.

I was sent this Embroidered Mascara Make Up Box – it’s a practically sized travel make up bag with compartments inside to put make up brushes and tubes in to.  The lining is also waterproof and the material is canvas with Scotchguard protection should you be clumsy like me. 

I’ve been using this for larger items and it’s pretty spacious – I can get everything I want for a short break into here and a bit more! 

I really do adore the design, which is mascara tubes and wands:

Sew Lomax Make Up Bag

The make up bag feels very substantial and thick – it’s not going to tear under the weight of bottles as is the zip.  

If I had any criticism, it would be that the fabric is that sort of matte feel linen-y type cloth and with my foundation covered hands, I have the habit of grabbing things and covering them with base…as it’s not plastic I can’t wipe it off as easily, but you can use a damp cloth and mild detergent with this. I think because the bag is black, make up stains are more obvious.

This bag costs £35 and you can see it here. 

I also love this pencil case (I am a stationery addict) for £15:

Products 2

As is this camera case for my compact camera (£24):

Products 1 1

Sew Lomax also do custom designs which is pretty exciting – I’d love them to do a baby bag, and you could customise the design (let’s see…H’s bag would have a little book, his favourite stuffed toy (Raa Raa!), some kind of bread stick or biscuit, some lego, a little suit…how cute!). 

Check out the range here.  It’s perfect for gifting – it comes in a brown paper bag and wrapped in tissue paper so it is well presented too!  It reminds me of the Lulu Guinness bags but at a fraction of the price. 

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