Strange Beauty Product of the Week! Chu! Lip Softening Steam Sheets

One of the best things I learned in Chizu Saeki’s The Japanese Skincare Revolution (review here) was a lip hydrating treatment, where you apply natural honey to the lips, then stick some cling film on top.  Leave for around 15 minutes and you end up with super soft, slightly sticky lips.  The point is the cling film on top of the lips really help work the product into the lips!

So I thought this beauty find was kind of interesting!  These Chu! lip mask sheet things come in a pack of 30:

CHU Lip steam match Lip

I know, I find the oddest stuff, but I find it really interesting!

I can’t read the instructions so I can’t tell if this is to be applied directly to the lips or over a product. It isn’t sticky, but it has that sort of ability to cling to skin a bit like cling film but not AS well…clingy.  It’s better to use this with a lip balm, lip treatment, oil, honey, whatever – underneath as it will fix it to your lips.

The sheet is left on the lips for 5-10 minutes.  Remove and you should end up with plumper, softer lips!

Lip Steam Mask Chu Lip

If anyone can read this and translate in detail, please do!

This pack of steam sheets comes in a little pack where you can pull them out similar to tissues.

I guess there’s no reason why you can’t use cling film – it’s cheaper, but it’s also a pain because it bunches together easily and it’s hard to cut out a little neat rectangle.

With these sheets, they’re not essential but quite handy as they are the right size, and they won’t bunch up like cling film does.  So if you are so into lip treatments or really need to give them a boost, these are rather cool.  You could also look at other alternatives like cellophane, although this is quite a thin sheet and flexible so it’s not uncomfortable at all.

The sheet:

Chu Steam Lip Mask

So there you go, as long as here are beauty nut-nuts like me, they’ll keep making stuff like this.

It kinda works though! I like using this with honey, and yes, the cats look at me like I’m a crazy lady with plastic stuck to my face!

I bought this from eBay for £4.

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  1. Kelly says

    I love strange Asian beauty products. Have you ever tried foot peels, like Babyfoot? They’re these little baggies full of liquid that you seal onto your feet for an hour. Then, after a week, all the dead rough skin on your feet just peels away. I am addicted! I eBay for them all the time!

  2. says

    Ahah oh my gosh, I bought this before and could not figure out how to use it for the longest time. But after a little bit of research, I found out that you are supposed to use it with a thick layer of any lip balm, not by itself ^^;

  3. Cristina says

    Ok, now I know! I find this post after buying the product in Japan and couldn’t figure out how to use it. As you say you guessed the way out, i needed more, so after a lot of navigation work, I get it! You just have to stick it after applying lip balm, so you guessed it right 😉

    You can find all the official info here: