Speed Review: Hair Dye Fail, Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam Hair Dye Review

I did a bit of home highlighting over the weekend, which went orangey, so I decided to go over it with a cool light brown which usually covers over it quite nicely.  I usually use John Frieda foam dye if I am doing my colour at home, and I really do love it – there’s a good colour choice, the colour is even and the foam is good quality.  However…I bought this dye on a Sunday, I was at the Supermarket and there was very little choice so I ended up buying this Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam at £6.99 in Light Brown. 

Oh dear. Where do I start…

Garnier Nutrisse Foam Hair Dye Review

This foam is pretty bad.  I can’t believe this is a ‘New’ product, because if I was releasing a foam dye, I would compare it to John Frieda’s and try to improve on it.  This product isn’t even close to being as good as that for the following reason;

1. The bottle is rubbish…

You get a flimsy pump bottle (prefer squeeze ones) and you also get rubbish gloves.  I love the rubber black gloves that come with John Frieda’s which make it easy for you to move your hair around etc…they fit like hand condoms, they give you total control…so to speak.  These ones are like those cheap naff ones that are really baggy. 

2. The foam is too liquid

Unlike the better hair foams, which create a fairly firm textured full foam (makes it easier to spread into the hair. This Nutrisse creates quite a liquid-y weak foam which will quite easily break down and therefore go everywhere and cannot necessarily be held in the hand without it disappearing between the fingers.  

3. It smells. A LOT.

I don’t get much problem with smells from foam dyes, but my goodness – this one has a very very strong chemical smell (typical of older style hair dyes) and at one point it got so strong I had to walk outside because I didn’t want the house to stink of the stuff.  Horrible!

4. There isn’t enough product

I never ever ever ever ever ever experience this with foam dyes – I always have more than enough product by far.  However I ran out of product with this dye and luckily, I do the back of my head (underneath) last, so it’s kinda hidden from public view!  I have never needed to by two foam dyes before to dye my medium length hair so I am certainly not going to buy two packs now! 

So does this product have any strengths?  Well..

The finished result is decent.

The colour looks ok now it’s done and is quite even.  

It didn’t sting.

Despite the stink, it didn’t hurt or irritate my scalp which is a plus but then again I don’t generally have problems with foam dyes. 


It’s cheaper by £3 than John Frieda, but that product is superior, if you prefer foam dyes.  Just get John Frieda! 



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  1. Jane says

    Agree but the john Frieda ones are all very warm toned. Even the ‘ash’ ones have an orange glow. They need to get better at cool toned colours. Totally with you though that as a product they are much easier to use.