Smashit Hydrating Fluid Foundation Review, Swatches & Giveaway for 2 readers!

Today I have for you a very interesting foundation called Smashit from Sweden.  You know I love a new foundation to play with and if there’s something unique about the product, even better (plenty more reviews coming up!). NOTE: I will have 2 of these foundations to giveaway, read to the end of the post!Smashit Hydrating Fluid Foundation

This hydrating fluid foundation is 100% Organic and contains sunflower oil and acerola cherry extract, and contains mineral pigments for full coverage finish which doesn’t block the pores.  It is supposed to be long lasting and water resistant, giving a HD finish.  There is a low SPF of 6-7 with this so in other words, don’t rely on it for sun protection, make sure you wear sunscreen too!

More pictures….

These foundations contain 50ml of product, so they are generous – they remind me of MAC face & body in presentation.

I have the full shade range here – it ranges from very very pale to a red based deep olive which is suitable for Asian skintones.  The shade range is a bit difficult to match up to – before I saw the shades I automatically thought I was olive but seeing them in a person I was more of a beige with a dash of olive.  They are working on more colours though. I think they need more neutral mid colours and also some deep shades.

The texture of this foundation is quite liquid but not runny. It reminds me of paint in texture and has that sort of mild paintbox smell – I mean like a kids non-toxic paint as opposed to Dulux! It’s very rich in pigment and blends in beautifully.

Also there’s a glossy look to it when you apply – it’s a little strange but it soon settles in to a beautifully soft finish.  It absolutely leaves a slight glow – don’t know if you’d want this with oily skin but on my parched skin, it feels just lovely!  It also covers redness nicely – the finish is sheer to medium and you can layer it.

Smashit Hydrating Fluid Foundation 1


Smashit Hydrating Fluid Foundation

Milk is very much a pale colour and beige and cream have more of a neutral beige base. Vanilla and Olive are yellow based (olive is too yellow and slightly too deep for me) and Sand is the darkest with quite a warm edge to it.  As mentioned before, Beige is the colour I am most comfortable with but it blends in in a way that makes me think it wouldn’t be the end of the world if a shade is slightly off.


Deionized Water, Micro Mineral Pigments, Tridecyl Neopentanoate, Sunflower Oil, Acerola Cherry Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Liquorice Extract, Ginseng Extract, Rosemary Extract, Sodium PCS, Glucose, Glucose Oxidase, Lactoperoxidase, Mica, Lauroyl Lysine, Silk Amino Acids.


Two winners will win their own full size foundation and a brush each! Please indicate which shade you want by using my swatches above- bear in mind there will be slight variations due to computer screens, photography variations and our very own eyes!

To win answer this:

Smashit Foundation is from beautiful Sweden.  Name 3 of your favourite things from Sweden in the comments below to win!

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  1. says

    Hello Rowena!

    I absolutely love these three things about Sweden:
    1. Volvo
    2. Ikea
    3. Swedish meatballs!

    As for the shade, I would love to try it in Vanilla! Thank you very much!

  2. Sarah says

    1) Wallander
    2) my grandaddy :)
    3) gravadlax

    If you choose me, I’d love beige, thank you. :)
    Btw, I love your reviews, actually find myself hunting down products In superdrug, subconsciously, because they’ve been mentioned on your blog! Gunna buy my first BB cream today!
    Keep up the good work, I’ve been reading your blog for over 18 months and its the first thing I check everyday. :)

  3. says

    3 favourite things from Sweden:

    Vanilla seems the closest to my skin colour, so I would love to try that one out :)

  4. Justine Pendlebury says

    3 favourite things from Sweden

    Pippi Longstocking
    The Cardigans

    I would love to try the cream shade please.

  5. says

    Hmm…3 Swede favs?

    -Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series
    – Ikea
    – Alexander Skarsgård

    not bad, eh?

    This foundation sounds great, I’d love to try it in Milk!

  6. kirsty says

    my 3 favourite things from Sweden??

    alexander skarsgard
    Ikea meatballs

    I’d love try the shade ‘milk’!

  7. says

    Well Number 1 is obvious for me as all my friends know this is where my unatural love, obsession and longing to go to Sweden grew from…
    2007 Swedish eurovision entrants The Ark! I cannot explain it but I bloody love them! LOL
    2. H&M (an obvious choice)
    3. Abba (God im gonna look like a eurovision freak but everyone loves Abba!)

    And I think vanilla would best suit my skin :)

  8. says

    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo… amazing book, as are the others in the series.
    H&Ms home-ware section. Better than Ikea dare I say it.
    And ACNE! (The fashion brand, not the skin condition!)

    Definitely ‘Vanilla’ :)

  9. Holly says

    My three favourite Swedish things are…

    Ostkaka – a kind of cheesecake-y dessert thing, it’s delicious
    Cheap Monday, for their wonderful jeans
    and finally, Pippi Longstocking – how can you not admire a girl who carries her horse from place to place?

    ‘Milk’ looks perfect! x

  10. Tolmu says

    1) Smörgåsbord ( a buffet-type meal)
    2) ABBA (I know, not original, but I can’t help it)
    3) Astrid Lindgren

    I love the vanilla shade.

  11. Melody says

    I would love to try it in the shade vanilla! I’ve never been to Sweden, but from pictures I love the fashionably huge scarves there, the snow of course, and the little cafes.

  12. L says

    My favorite things:
    IKEA (my apt would be a desolate wasteland if not for their cheap furniture) , H&M (<3) , Swedish meatballs (mmm….)

    I like the beige! It looks pretty close to my skin tone

  13. Denise says

    1. IKEA. :)
    2. Stieg Larsson.
    3. Adora Bat Brat. 😀

    I want to visit Swedish slopes! 😀

  14. says

    Favourite things from Sweden:
    1. H&M – because they pay my wages
    2. Tilly – because I work with her and know no other Swedish person
    3. Ikea meatballs

  15. clementine says

    1. H&M
    2. “Caramelldansen”
    3. Pop demos that make their way into Japan, Engrish lyrics included.

    I’d love to try Vanilla.

  16. Eunice says

    Swedish sutff…ok.

    1. H&M
    2. ABBA (!!)
    3. HSB Turning Torso building (coolest building ever!!)

    I would love to try the shade Beige :)

  17. Natalie says

    1. ABBA!
    2. Daim
    3. Swedish House Mafia? Haha

    And I’d love to try the vanilla shade :)

  18. chloe says

    oh wow how super generous ; A ; well my three favoritie things about sweden would be that my friend milka is from there and i lovelovelove her!! <3 also Ikea and alexander skarsgard aren't too bad~

    If I was chosen I think my closest colour is vanilla!!

  19. says

    Well, let’s see… my three favourite things from Sverige would have to be:

    1) Jens Lekman (brilliant musician!)
    2) Pippi Longstocking
    3) and vodka!!! (does that count? :p )

    If chosen, I’d love to try Beige, please!

  20. says

    ikea, ABBA, the cardigans ‘lovefool’ rox!
    i think 50% of the stuffs in my house is from ikea lol
    i wish to try beige ^^

    xoxo elle

  21. Charlotte says

    1. Hasselblad!
    2. The Pirate Bay
    2. Flexible Working Hours

    If I get lucky, Milk please!

  22. Frida says

    First of all let me just say, as a swede, the things other people like about Sweden is hilarious! (Can someone please explain the difference between swedish meatballs and… other meatballs? I don’t get it).
    Anyway here it goes:

    1. Allemansrätten (that you’re allowed to walk around/camp/pick berries/whatever – as long as you don’t wreck anything – in the woods no matter who owns it).
    2. Free lunch in school (if I would’ve had to bring lunch/lunch money – with my lousy memory – I would’ve starved to death)
    3. H&M (the seams might not always be straight, and there’s no garantie the sleeves will be the same lenght, but it’s cheap, lots of colour and there’s always something you want! :P)

    If I’d the lucky one I’d prefer the milk shade.

  23. espenine says

    My Swedish babes:
    – Volvo XC 60
    – IKEA Rocking Armchair
    – H&M White Singlet (perfect for summer!)

    My preferred shade: Olive

    Thank you. :)

  24. Jen says

    Ahhhh…I love your giveaways Row, always interesting questions to answer!
    My favourite things from Sweden:
    1.H & M (I should own shares in H & M, the amount of stuff I buy from there!)
    2. Ikea (more so for the meatballs, but also seem to own a lot of their furniture now that I think of it!)
    3. Dime bar (especially if store them in the fridge first! And remember that Dime bar advert about armadillos…smooth on the outside, crunchy on the inside! lol)

    I think my closest shade would be Vanilla. The swatches remind me of MACs face and body foundation

  25. Lorna Peppiatt says

    My good friend Anders
    and Ikea

    I’d like to try Vanilla please, thanks for giveaway!

  26. babysaffron says

    Swedish Fave…
    Swedish Meatballs…
    Pirate Bay

    Prefer Shade is Milk…

  27. Lola says

    Ok…lets start with my top 3 faves from Sweden:
    1- IKEA of course
    2 -Alexander Skarsgård (thank you VERY much!!!)
    3 – H&M

    My preferred shade is Beige.
    Thank you so much!

  28. says

    I want the one in beige.
    I love Sweden for:
    1) The beautiful place in the countryside
    2) The food…
    3) The people are awesome! :)

  29. Nicola B says

    Fab Swedishness:

    1. Alexander Skarsgård and his dad Stellan (Stellan is such a great name).
    2. The 3 point seatbelt (invented by a Swedish Nils Bohlin) – saves a life every 6 mins apparantly.
    3. Allemansrätten (as I´ve just learnt from Frida´s comment above. How cool?). I´ll add an extra since I´ve just stolen one:
    4. Not exactly a ´thing´, but i love how the land mass of Sweden and Norway looks like a monster about to eat Denmark. Sorry Denmark.

    I think my colour would be vanilla. Thanks!

  30. says

    Melodifestivalen (the show in which they select a song to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest, biggest TV show in Sweden and of a high standard – shows exactly what swedes do at their best; show biz 😉
    Viva La Diva – a budget cosmetics brand from Sweden, I LOVE their nail polishes.

    If you happen to choose me, I’m Beige, thank you :)

  31. Karen Armstrong says

    1. Warm glogg, with chopped almonds and plump raisins, and, of course, ginger biscuits. Yummy!

    2. Woodburning stoves.

    3. The ability to travel freely during Winter, thanks to well gritted roads, and the correct tyres.

    If I’m lucky, beige would be my choice of foundation colour.

  32. Karen Armstrong says

    I’ve just discovered your site thanks to “The Green Parent Natural Beauty Guide” and am looking forward to having a good old rummage through your products.

  33. Josephine palmvig says

    Things I love about sweden:

    1: that they make foundations pale enough for me (!!!)
    2: that their food is cheaper than here in Denmark
    3. their beautiful forests, mountains, lakes and cute trolls! :oD

    I would loooooove to try the color Milk, since I’m having a huge problem finding foundation shades :o(