Sun Protection in your Face Powder: Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder SPF 30

Buy something just because of the packaging? Me? Never!

Well ok…quite often.

Skin79 has some interesting releases, although their BB cream is too light for me and their concealer didn’t cut the mustard!

I wanted to try this All Day Sun Powder though – it sets your make up and has a high SPF of 30 too.


And it, er, comes in a really nice case.

They say:

Luxurious loose powder formulated with Diamond Powder and Blooming Jewel Complex keeps skin radiant, healthy and protected from environmental stressors. The sheer and delicate powder evens out skin complexion and blocks out UVA and UVB rays with its full-bodied SPF 30. Apply powder using the puff applicator on top of foundation to set makeup and BB cream in place.


I think you need a proper dressing table to own this powder, not just have a bedside table covered in crap like me.

Mind you – the pretty lid is actually plastic and feels a bit cheap. I know, what was I expecting, solid stainless steel?!Inside, it looks like the MAC Mineralized base and a whole host of others that have the puffy things going on.

There’s a protective sticker inside that you rip off, and once you peel it off, the powder comes through the sifter and just dip the sponge in to apply (or use a brush).

You get 13grams – it feels like you get quite a decent amount in there even though in reality 13grams isn’t much!


The powder itself is a white with a slight pink tinge with no real shimmer to it – perhaps there is some but I found it quite hard to detect.

I always worry with any white toned powder, that it’ll look chalky on my skin.

It feels like quite a fine powder, although I wonder why the sifter holes are SO DAMN BIG? They might has well have one massive hole.


Take the sifter on and here is the powder. It doesn’t say its a translucent powder remember, so you have to rely on it being light and easily brushed into nothingness!

This Diamond All Day Sun Powder, by the way, contains Ruby and Amethyst…perhaps why it’s called ‘Diamond’. Obviously were talking smidgens of precious jewels!


Here is the powder. It looks chalky when being applied EEK. But worry not…


It blends away quite nicely. If you apply too much it does look a bit whitish, but then that fades quickly and looks rather nice – a soft matte, non shimmery finish. SPF 30 is excellent and a nice way to get a bit of extra sun protection in there I think, especially if you want to avoid using a separate SPF in your day to day routine…


I paid $24 for this from eBay. It’s retail is only about $18 I believe so the mark up is fine, I can live with it.

Would highly recommend this to anyone who is fair and wants extra SPF protection. Oh, and it smells fruity.

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  1. says

    Ahhhh if I were ever to have the money to splurge this would sound like the perfect thing to splurge on. I love powders, I am very pale and I love fruity scents. Oh but were it less expensive!! Poop!

  2. says

    Sweet, with that much SPF it’s always a bonus. I hate the fact that over here it’s rare for our makeup to have a high SPF.
    Mmm the fruity scent is enticing. x

  3. Lenna says

    I’ve been wanting to try this stuff since forever and never got around to buying it. Xp Thanks for the review!