Sisley Paris Phyto Star Eyes Sparkling Rhapsody Eyeshadow Quad Review and Swatches

Sisley is one of those madly luxurious brands that have truly high end, gorgeous products.

One of their newer releases is this Phyto Star Eyes Quad in Sparkling Rhapsody in a metallic gun mental case.

The packaging is interesting – you press the bottom bit and the lid flips over so you have a generous sized mirror and quite clever, is that some of the mirror is exposed when the case is shut. I realised this is so you can get a quick look in the mirror without opening the case!


I must admit I expected quite a lot – Sisley is not a cheap brand and I wanted something quite special to go with the unique packaging.

On top of the pretty packaging, Sparkling Rhapsody has four shades which are right up my street – you know I love my blues and greens – there is White Pearl, Black Star, Silver Moon and Blue Lagoon.


All of the colours are pigmented but they aren’t soft – if that makes sense. You don’t get tons of product flinging off like you do with some pigmented shadows (like Sleek palettes!) – in the Sisley palette feels firm yet the pigment is good.

We have…– A classic pearl white
– A deep black infused with silver glitter
– A silver grey with sparkles
– A light blue

For me the most impressive thing was the grey and black/charcoal – the silver glitter in these are significant yes they blend in nicely and stand out at the same time. They sparkles are evenly distributed. For example with Nars Tropic eyeshadow the glitter flakes are a nightmare because they are so chunky!

In the Sisley, the glittery particles cause little or no fall out and are evenly distributed. That, I find impressive.


But is anything here a let down? Well, I wanted the blue to be more vivid then it was – it’s more of a pastel blue and I wanted a punchy disco blue because for me, this is the selling shade. Nevertheless, in the context of this palette, it works well.



All in all a lovely palette. It helps if you like silver and blues of course! I do, so I like it! On the eye:


Do I think this is worth investing in? Yes – I think this palette can work for the day or for the evening but of course, you have to like the colours.


Sisley is sold in House of Fraser and you can check out their site here.

Have you ever tried Sisley?

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