Shu Uemura Gold Mode Collection

I normally go nuts for anything Shu but I am not loving this years Christmas collection:

The model looks good (why does Shu ALWAYS use western models?) but the actual product range is so-so.

The packaging is heavy grooved gold – think of Estee Lauder, and there are two eyeshadow/blush duo’s:

The other set has more neutral/browns and this one is more exciting with the blue, purple and green. However the format of this is similar to the Ameratsu palette and a few others. Whenever Shu releases a 3 tone shadow that has been pressed together, the quality is below that of the usual pans – the colour is very sheer.

The three lipsticks however, look gorgeous.

One in Gold Beige (Pale Shimmer), Pink Beige (Warm Rosey Shade) and Chocolate Brown.

There is also a glitter mascara, for adding shimmer on top of black mascara.

I would have bought this but I have already got this coming in the post!:

Majolica Majorca’s Lash Freeze will basically do the same thing.

What do you think of this year’s Shu Uemura Collection?

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