Shu Uemura Gem Glam Glitter Pressed Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

Before Christmas I paid a visit to my local Shu Uemura counter…ah memories. I used to spend many an hour on the counter playing with make up with some amazing artists they used to have. I bought every colour of eyeshadow they made.

I picked up these two Shu Uemura Pressed Eye Shadows in their new(ish) glitter formula. There’s 4 choices, gold, silver, bronze and rainbow. I bought two (£14.50 each!)…


I chose ‘White Rainbow’ over the silver – I have plenty of glitter silver shadows from RMK (fallout city!). Rainbow I felt would have more of a dynamic edge to it (there were no testers of these for me to play with!).


You can’t see the rainbow in this, but I knew it would come out as soon as it was swatched.Here is the bronze – very rich in glitter and metallic.




Hmmm how do I feel about these….

As far as glitter eyeshadows go these are excellent; the glitter is so well mixed up with the shadow unlike ones where the glitter separates or just falls off. It’s easy with these products to get a super super glittery metallic finish without the mess of using loose glitters.

The texture is also very nice and smooth DESPITE the glitter. Something this glittery is never going to be that buttery soft, but it’s still very nice to use. Definitely use some primer or something a bit sticky as a base with this to make it stick. 2 layers and it’s full on glitter disco dolly territory!

The fall out is not as bad as with the RMK metallic shadows.

The rainbow effect of the white shade:



I totally forgot how expensive Shu Uemura eyeshadows are, eek, and to think I have about 100 of them (from discontinued and current collections). At least I know I have some LE palettes I can stick these two pretty shadows in to!

These glitter shadows are quite unique, so yes, I think they are worth the price and I would consider getting the silver and gold ALTHOUGH they are not as unique as this gorgeous bronze and white rainbow. But I have this thing about having whole sets of things :)

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  1. says

    Great swatches. These are so so super sparkly in real life (I have the bronze and gold) and I also think they’re pretty unique in terms of pigmentation, glam factor and minimal fall out. Fabulous for (desi!) family weddings!

    • Row says

      Hi Nazia

      Mmmmm they are nice I keep admiring them. Actually that reminds me I must put them into a special palette today 😀 I have a lot of Shu shadows I might mix them up with something matte could make quite a nice palette! 😀

  2. says

    yes the rainbow white is lovely! can mix well wif any colours! i have a testimo similar but its tiny and the texture aint that smooth..gonna try this!

    xoxo elle

  3. JenT says

    Awww both such pretty colours! I like the bronze in particular :) and I know what you mean about having to have whole sets of things, I think that is the only reason why I own all the Sleek palettes and continue to buy them, even though a lot of the shades are repeated!