Sheer Lovely! Rouge Volupte Perle Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 Review

Our favourite lipstick, YSL Rouge Volupte has been made over, and now comes in Perle – sheer, glossy with a hint of shimmer. Excited? I was!

I love YSL Rouge Volupte’s although if I had one complaint I had is that because they are so pigmented, so opaque, that you have to be careful with application. Perle is a sheerer, sparkly version – in other words Rouge Volupte’s easy going sister. Still immaculate, but more likely to let you choose where to go for dinner.

Perle lipsticks have a white band around the centre:


Packaging is still the same, beautiful slick gold casing. I’ve bought quite a few expensive lipsticks lately and I think Rouge Volupte is the nicest, because it’s heavy weight and expensive looking.

I chose 102 Coral Sun although all six new colours looked pretty tempting. Corals and oranges are my favourite shades though.


The texture of this lipstick is the same as the original; gorgeously creamy and silky – it feels and smells the same as the original. The difference is the pigmentation; it leaves a pearly sheen on the lips (not a horrible frost) which you can put on with your eyes closed (well…ideally not).



I would totally go for Beige Carees and Stellar Pink!

Here is 102 Coral Sun:


On the lips:



YSL did the right thing by releasing these Perle versions of Rouge Volupte! As gorgeous as the originals are, I think a sheerer wearable version is just perfect for every day wear. The pearl element isn’t overbearing at all, it just makes it look like a pretty gloss.

Wear time is ok, the same as with the Rouge Voluptes; but as an extremely creamy lipstick these don’t last as long as matte colours but I prefer them because they hydrate my dry lips – I’d rather reapply than have a matte lipstick that gives me flakies.

These colours are on the counters now! Steallar Pink will be mine!

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