SANA Super Quick Lip Gloss Concealer Review and Swatches

One Japanese beauty trend that I love but find a little hard to wear, is the milky lip look – quite often achieved with the use of lip concealer and gloss on top, it’s not a million miles away from a Kim Kardashian lip that she pairs with a smoky eye.

A quick and easy way to get it (and a product I forsee getting rather popular) is a 2 in 1 lip concealer and gloss. Melliesh is a good example of this.

However, whenever you do such a pale lip it can make you look like a corpse, or a stripper or worse, a stripper’s corpse.

If you have dry lips you can also forget it; these pale nudes cling and hang on to every itty bit of dead skin.

Putting aside these gems of thought, the cat would like to welcome the SANA Super Quick Lip Gloss Concealer EX:


SANA as I have said before is one of my favourite brands because when they do something good, they do it so so good. They are also innovative and creative with their products.

The Super Quick range mainly consists of a (crap) mascara and lots of eyeliners. They have now added 2 lip concealers in a stick form, and 2 glosses in a pink and beige. I have the pink version here. The tube is pretty small, how stingy. I paid a marked up price from, about £13, it costs a fraction of that at retail but I wanted it NOW.


Lip concealers are such a peculiar thing. I mean, you can just use foundation or concealer if you really want to mute your lips but lip concealers are supposed to be more hydrating and fill in lines etc.

I have found most lip concealers (I have many) to be a bit lame. Too drying. This one is quite good. But who has time?!

This gloss from SANA does not disappoint. My lips are very very pigmented. This totally covers the natural redness without being drying or cakey, and adds a natural healthy, plump sheen to the lips:


Unlike the Melliesh glosses which I adore but I feel are a little thin and settle into fine lines, this gloss leaves a really healthy plump lip. It’s superior to Melliesh, but what a shame there are only 2 shades to choose from?

On my lips:



This is an excellent concealer & gloss product – it REALLY works too and feels no heavier than a regular gloss. If you are looking for a product to create a nude lip this is the one.

I want to buy Beige too to see if the colours are really that different.

Lip concealers – yay or nay?

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  1. JenT says

    Yay on other people who seem to be able to carry the nude lip look off, nay for myself because if I walked out of the house with the same shade of lip I’d have concerned people coming up to me asking if I was feeling okay lol I’ve yet to find the “perfect nude” lip product for myself :)

  2. says

    ooh, i’m all for convenient products! I have 2 lip concealers; both possibly from Canmake, and that’s already one too many! This product sounds nice! When I use up my lip concealers, I’ll try this!