Sale Haul: Laura Mercier Eye Design Kit in Ebony

I largely avoided the sales this year – I think I’m developing some phobia of being in busy shopping centres surrounded by aggressive women and snotty kids – but I did manage to pick up this kit from the Harrods sale for £37.50 (half price):

laura mercier eye kit-1.jpg

Like Laura Mercier a lot even though I don’t give the brand that much loving all the time. One day I’ll go to the counter and get the entire flawless base range….

Anyway this Eye Design Kit comes in brown and black variations. I got the black one. It comes in a really sturdy little pouch with different compartments – I don’t normally like or use the pouches that come with these gift sets but I really like this one as it feels like it would protect your make up:

laura mercier black eye kit-1.jpg

Inside you get a lot for your money!

Laura mercier black eye.jpg

Included is:

The Sturdy Pouch!

Full Size Thickening and Building Mascara in Black

Mini Lash Curlers

Four double ended brushes (so 8 types of brushes)

A palette with the cake liner, the caviar liner and noir eyeshadow.

Black? Do you really need that much black in one kit?

Mmmm well yes. Why not? Its probably the most useful shade you can own and the Laura Mercier cake liner is the BEST cake liner I have every used. Its really made for tight lining. I do remember paying about £16 for the caviar liner a few years ago and £20 for the brush so this kit is fab value!

laura mercier black eye kit.jpg

The mini lash curlers are excellent to. I hate the little buggers normally – I break them with my strong, erm, grip but this one is holding up so far.

The palette has slight different in tones of black but of course, it one of those you can use with every other shadow you have and its compact too:

laura mercier eye kit.jpg

This was a good buy! Everything else I bought from the sales: Bad.

I should also say that I ordered this pre Christmas from the Harrods site in the late afternoon on Dec 23rd and paid a painful £5.95 for standard delivery presuming it would be here in the New Year (the express delivery is even more expensive and was guaranteed before 01st Jan).

When did it arrive? Dec 24th! By Courier. Mega impressed. Although pointless as I only opened this up a few days ago. Whoops.

Like the Laura Mercier Eye Kit? What was your best sale bargain?

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  1. says

    Fab sale find – I like Laura Mercier for fresh everyday looks, and really want to try the cake liner at some point to see how it compares to Illamasquas….