Review: Shiseido MAQUillage Perfect Lip Gloss from Alexander Wang

Shiseido’s MAQUillage range must make the most consistently stunning lipsticks and glosses, ever. It took me a while to get my paws on their newest gloss, the Perfect Lipgloss, because the exchange rate is so poor. In the end it cost me something like £16.

perfect lip gloss.jpg

The Perfect Lipgloss is supposed to be transfer resistant (hence the model is holding a disposable coffee cup….makes no sense, I know).

Four of the shades are from the Alexander Wang collection (Limited Edition) – I got PK445 which is a bubblegum pink with a bit of shimmer.

MAQUillage PK445 Lip Gloss.jpg

Urgh! I can’t believe how much I spend on this ikkle gloss! See the swatches after the jump!This gloss is semi-sheer. It leaves the lightest of tints, so its easy to wear…I actually wanted something with more punch. The shimmer is subtle and very pretty as always:

MAQUillage Lip Gloss.jpg

I love the applicator. Gorgeous! Its a flat sponge which gets into the corners of the mouth. Its nice and soft too:

maquillage lip gloss-1.jpg

Its thin from the side. I did test out how transfer resistant this is and my answer is – no more transfer proof than any other gloss. It still left a sticky residue…that’s what glosses are meant to do, innit?!

maquillage lip gloss-2.jpg

On the lips:

maquillage gloss.jpg

Its a very pretty gloss indeed, that I cannot deny and although I am glad I tried this out, as I do with all the new MAQUillage lip products I wouldn’t say this gloss is perfect. It needs more pigment (or at least the shade I tried), a bit more va-va-voom for the price.

And with it approaching Christmas, I like the stronger lip. Overall this was nothing extraordinary – if you are making your first MAQUillage lip product purchase, make sure it isn’t this product.

Don’t worry, got lots of pigmented glosses and lipsticks reviews coming up!

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    • Row says

      Hi Aya

      Oh yes, but I mean why hold a paper disposable cup? It doesn’t matter if you get lip gloss on a cup you are going to throw away…