Review: Paul & Joe Beaute Winter 2009 Smoke and Mirrors Collections

Paul & Joe is a brand I have a weakness for because it has such stunning packaging and concepts. I love their Eye glosses, Creamy Lipsticks and Pigments.

For Winter 2009, they launched a gorgeous looking purple and gold packaged range called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. In Asia this comes as a set (with the shadow, liner and case) but it the UK and US, like the mugs we are, we have to buy the products separately:


There are two clear colour sets, a dark smokey set and a warm brown set with matching liner and pigments:


The highlighter powders are gorgeous but the pattern on the top is just an overspray, so I passed. I bought three items from the 001 Smoke & Mirrors set from ASOS as I had a 25% discount code:

paul & joe smoke and mirrors.jpg

Even so it wasn’t cheap. RRP Prices are £28 for the trio palette, £15 for the pigment and £12 for the liner. I’m disappointed they didn’t bother putting the pencil and pigment (both LE) in the special packaging too.

Did I like it? See after the jump!
Said it before – the packaging is just gorgeous. Gold and purple – lovely:

paul & joe smoke and mirrors-1.jpg

I choose items from the first set of colours as cool smokeys are just up my street. I bought this trio originally because another blogger (who shall remain nameless) said this was an all cream trio. Its not – its powder. Duh – I was disappointed but never mind.

paul joe smoke mirrors.jpg

There’s a pale lilac, a mid toned warm beige mauve and a dark black purple. The colours were not as pigmented or as soft as I like:

paul & joe smoke mirrors.jpg

See? Nothing special about this trio.

The pigments from Paul & Joe. If MAC pigments are cotton then P&J pigments are silk. They are so light and silky, they are almost like those powders you use that turn to liquid:

paul joe smoke mirrors-1.jpg

This shade is a perfect dark charcoal grey with sparkles – lots of sparkles. Its beautiful, and highly recommended for those who like smokey shades.

paul joe smoke mirrors-2.jpg

I love eye pencils and I got this one from the collection. Nice packaging again:

paul joe smoke mirrors-3.jpg

Its a dark black with very fine microsparkle in it. Not a fan of this pencil at all – its a little on the hard side and it took work to warm it up and get it soft. Its no where near the league of Urban Decay 24/7 pencils in terms of creamy-buttery-ness.

paul joe smoke mirrors-4.jpg


paul joe smoke mirrors pencil.jpg

Did a really quick eye with the liner, pigment and pencil before I left the house today:

smoke and mirrors paul & joe.jpg

Its times like this I wish we had a better returns policy in the UK – but we don’t. I wish retailers were braver, and put their faith into a product that they think truly delivers (and if it doesn’t let us have our money back) instead of presenting something that just isn’t up to scratch.

This collection isn’t up to scratch. I LOVE Paul & Joe. I am willing them to do well. I love their look. Their style. Some of their products. But this collection, apart from the pigment, is just…nothingy. It cost too much to be average.

paul & joe smoke & mirrors.jpg

I bought my Paul & Joe from Asos, but they sell it on HQ Hair too.

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