Review: Magic Lash Lash Enhancing Fibers

After seeing a review of Magic Lash by Pursebuzz on You Tube, I decided to give it a go since I am a little lash obsessed.

I wish I had listened properly – I thought it was a wet product, but infact it is a dry fiber product:

See how fluffy it is? If your eyes are irritated by fiber rich mascara’s or you wear contacts/have sensitive eyes, don’t use this since it is pure fiber.

Once I recieved the product (which had a black mascara with it for free as a special offer!), I had this flashback moment, where I rememberd I once bought a product call Cil a Cils, which was basically the same thing. I had used it once, got horribly tangled and irritated by it and put it away in my rubbish box, along with my orange concealer and gritty lip glosses.

Boo hoo, I thought. Still one must give things a go.

The basic instructions for using this is:

1. Put on one coat of your choice of mascara
2. Take Magic Lash out of its bottle and blow a little off the brush.
3. Make sure you put it on over your mascara while its still wet.
4. The unique fibers of Magic Lash instantly draws out your lashes making
them longer and thicker than ever!
5. Repeat 1 through 3 till your eye lashes are as long as you can get.

So firstly, I tried it with the black mascara that came with the Magic Lash. That mascara is a very nice lengthening and separating mascara, but alas, it did nothing for my curl so I used my trusty SANA mascara for this experiment.

The Magic Lash comes out with a lot of product on it and with no practical way of tapping it back into the tube so you need a bin or tissue or somewhere handy to tap off the excess because you will regret it if you glop a load of fibers into your eye.

This is difficult to get to grips with at first, but I noticed that the fibers were very light, and stuck well to my lashes. It is better to put it more towards the tip rather than all down the lash. My SANA mascara was a little dry, so it took a bit of work to cover up the white. A nice black, creamy mascara like Faux Cils would look great with this but alas, I need something that holds curl.

In the end I went over it three times (and it started to clump a little). I gave it a quick comb, but I won’t lie, its difficult to comb when you have four layers of mascara and three layers of fiber. Just go slowly…..

What really impressed me was that it didn’t irritate my eyes very much and it was fairly easy to take off. Just two cotton pads either side and some Lancome Bifacial remover.

It made my lashes really, really long and really thick looking. Because I was using a good mascara, it didn’t affect my curl – yep it did give the false lash effect! I recommend this for people with short lashes like moi, to be used with a good curling mascara, and for people who want some extra glamour. I wouldn’t use this product every day, it is too much work, but I would do it for special looks, and for evening looks, etc.

By the way, I have to say the idea of this loose fiber product is nothing new. If you can’t order fromOverall Beauty then you can also try Tweezerman Fast Lash:

Or Japonesque, Fash Lash (it looks like the same thing as Tweezerman):

I had an array of photos with my lashes look very long, thick, (slightly clumpy – ahem) but alas, my computer seems to have mislaid them so I only have one pic:

I swear my eyes are getting redder by the day probably because I have ten layers of make up in it. I rememeber being sent to the eye hospital because I had something in the back of my eye, and the Doc said it was just make up.

“No make up for you please” she said “that’s all I can see in your eye.”

So that’s when I started a big obsession with cream products; because there would be no powder to fall in my eye.

Whats up next? A cream eyeshadow special!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Woah! Magic Lash looks just like candy-floss!

    I have sensitive eyes too, so I also tend to prefer creme eyeshadows for this very reason. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t do any of good; even products like MAC Paint Pots and HIP Cream Shadow Paint irritate my eyes. Ofcourse, like a fool I keep trying product after product in the hopes that the next one will work.

  2. Row says

    Me too (as you shall see with my big collection of cream shadow products).

    My eyes are looking redder and more irritated than ususal, grr, so I won’t be using this fibre product or waterproof mascara too much.

  3. Kim says

    Thanks for your honest opinion of Magic Lash! I am the one who offers it :) and its great to know that others say it how it is and are being honest about their feelings on using it.True there isn’t any way to put it back in the tube, using it only on the tips works well enough and yeah I wouldn’t use it very day either.
    I always say to start with a new mascara because it works better that way.
    Curling your lashes with just a mascara? Oh please tell me which one!!
    Thanks again for your honestly!

    Kim Snyder

  4. Row says

    Hi Kim!

    Thanks for visiting!

    Well the only two mascaras I have found that truly hold curl on my very very very stubborn lashes is Shiseido Lifting Mascara and one by a Japanese Brand called SANA, Big Lash. And I have about 30 mascaras!

    I would definately recommend Magic lash – I mean it made me feel so glamourous when I wore it although it takes practice and I found that it didn’t irritate me (compared to other fibre bases I have tried).

    If I had normal lashes the effect of Magic Lash would be obscene! I have short, straight lashes.

    Oh also, ML didnt weigh my lashes down (once I had my curling mascara on) which is a bonus as I am obsessed with the curl :)