Review: Garnier Vital Restore

I got samples of Garnier Vital Restore Cream and Restore Day Serum (Anti Age Spot) which is made for mature ladies (aged 50 and over) so I passed it on to my momma to test.

My mother would like to emphasize that she is NOT 50. She is in her 40s – the back end of it perhaps but she is absolutely in no way, shape or form 50. Not that there is anything wrong with being 50.

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Vital Restore infuses the goodness of Orchids, no less!

Orchids are recognised for their flawless beauty, but not many people are aware of their resilience.

The secret of this is their unique ability to store water and essential nutrients to support new growth, and help preserve their beauty. Garnier’s skincare experts were inspired by orchid, which is why this
flower has been incorporated in the New Vital Restore range for mature skin.

(I am always a bit dubious about anything that has an extract of this or that plant/vegetable/animal – as my cosmetic scientist friend says, you can put anything into a cream but if it doesn’t have the delivery system to get it to the part of your skin that matters, then it won’t make a difference.)


The cream easily sinks in as the the serum which is used for age spots. It also has a SPF of 15.

My mother is not the most conversational of people but she commented that:

1. It made her skin feel very soft and moisturized
2. It controlled her oilyness – she normally gets oily patches not long after make up application but with this she had a matte complexion all day
3. It make application of make up easier, no clumping
4. It smelled nice
5. She didn’t have any allergies to it at all


All in all, she is happy with the cream, especially with the fact that it is non-oily and makes her skin soft. As for the anti-ageing qualities – she can’t see any definite results yet, but its only been a month. It definately makes her skin feel hydrated and smooth though.

Of course, just because its recommended for older ladies there’s no reason why you can’t use it too (it does smell rather nice). You can get a free sample here.

Otherwise, its on after at Boots at the moment, for about £7 per item.

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