Review: Dior Serum De Rouge Lipstick & Treatment in One!

Come ye, come ye, and take a look at my two new beauties:

dior rouge serum de rouge lipstick.jpg

I have seriously developed a sick lipstick obsession – I can’t stop buying them and when I saw this rather stunning lipstick from Dior, I had to pick up two – Mocha 910 and Beige 710.

The whole shade range is fairly neutral:

Dior _Serum de Rouge_ Tinted Lipstick - What_s New - Nordstrom.jpg

So this is an elegant lady’s choice of lip colour? What else? See after the jump!

Let’s say right away that this is very much a premium lipstick. It beats the £20 price barrier, and is priced at £23. Each.

The packaging is stunning. It looks the part of a super high end lipstick, with a dark blue, heavy case in a long stylo, that you click. And it has the classic Dior quilt pattern:

dior serum de rouge lipstick.jpg

See it in the bag?:

blair-dior-bag.jpg (JPEG Image, 495x388 pixels).jpg

They Say:

Discover the most luxurious lip treatment ever created: new Serum de Rouge by Dior. With ten times more active skincare ingredients than other lipsticks, Serum de Rouge features an amazingly creamy texture to moisturize, smooth and pamper your lips day after day. Enriched with mango butter and other natural extracts, this nourishing treatment actually boosts your lips’ microcirculation and collagen levels and enhances their appearance with luminous color.

So this is not just a colour – if is a treatment too. To be fair a lot of lipsticks claim to treat the lips at the same time as adding colour so the claims are nothing new. Dior does add that its only after a month of use that you will notice an improvement in your lips condition.

I have been using it for about 2 weeks and it has made a difference.

The texture of the lipstick is light, sheer and glossy. Its a beautiful lipstick to apply, it really is. It reminds of my favourite lipstick, ever, Cle De Peau (that’s even more expensive) Extra Silky Lipstick.

The overall effect is plumping and shiny:

dior serum de rouge.jpg

It really hydrated well and my lips felt smoother. There is a slight shimmer to my lip colours. As for the treatment side – yes I see it 100%. My lips feel softer and treated when wearing this colour. I find lots of lip colours drying because my lips are naturally chapped, so its amazing to find a lipstick that really treats my pucker too.


dior serum de rouge-1.jpg

The cons are obvious. Firstly it is very expensive and secondly, the colour range is fairly neutral. If you want something whacky, you probably won’t find it here.

It is a genuinely great product for the condition of your lips though. Its also a wearable every day shade, the no brainer in your kit – which is a good thing as it does make your lips look and feel better anyway.

£23….worth it I think, especially if you are dry lips like me. This is the every day lipstick with a touch of glamour. I wish the bag came as a free gift though….

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  1. says

    I am always looking for something to help with my dry, flaky lips! This might be worth the splurge, because nothing else really seems to work! They’re all temporary, and only work if you’re wearing them!

  2. Charlotte says

    I’ve bought beige 710 for my mom’s Valentine’s day present. The package is stunning but the quantity is much fewer than I expected (2 gs! Other Dior lipsticks weighted about 3.5 – 4 grms and they’re cheaper!). Hope it’ll moisture, last long, and work well in both the look and quality! It breaks my heart sometimes to see my mom shopping for the best drugstore products :(