Review: Bésame Enchanting Lipstick in Debutante Pink

It’s almost criminal to buy your first lipstick from Bésame and not choose one of their stunning hot reds, but I was in a sensible mood for once.

Here is my first every Bésame lipstick in Debutante Pink (which on the swatch looked like the most natural pink….

besame enchanting lipstick-2.jpg

Let’s get the size thing out of the way – these lipsticks are Retro and Vintage = Teeny. It makes my already large hands look (as my 8 year old cousin would say) humunguser. Women must have been smaller back then all over, because check out the size of this lippie:

besame enchanting lipstick.jpg

Gah! Well size isn’t everything, and I personally can’t finish – have NEVER – finished a lipstick anyway, plus I love mini things. The price is £11 – £12 (depending where you buy it) so no, its not a bargain.

Check out my swatch after the jump!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Have I ever told you that I hate frosty lipstick? I have yet to find an example of when it looks good on someone….

2008-02-25-frosting.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x375 pixels).jpg

So here is Debutante Pink. I have to remind myself that this brand makes retro colours, hence this pink errs on the side of hideousity – its just not right. Its not a true pink, its not a blue pink, its one a hot pink. Its a wrong pink.

Hugh Hefner’s 18 year old girlfriend would wear this.

A woman who has a spiral perm and wears lycra and lace at the same time would wear this.

Zsa Zsa Gabor would wear this, probably at her own funeral.

It reminds me of the first ever lipstick I owned, a Collection 2000 frosted pink that came with Shout Magazine. It gives me chills even now. Collection 2000.

besame enchanting lipstick debutante pink.jpg

So let’s ignore the shade for a moment. (I am exaggerating, its not THAT hideous, its just not quite what I wanted). The texture is lovely and using the tiny lipstick is fine although it looks awfully fragile in the tube – a bit scared it will snap off.

No allergic reactions like I had with the lip gloss. Swatch on lips:

besame enhanting lipstick debutante pink .jpg

Yah, yah I know it looks ok but its just wrong, trust me here.

Nevertheless I still thing the range is beautiful, so I have ordered 3 more lipsticks (yeah, thats what I do when I don’t like the first 2 products I ordered from a company, d’oh!) but in the original cream formulas (not frost) to try.

Have you tried this brand? Want to defend Debutante Pink? let me know in the comments!

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  1. says

    For a minute there, I thought you were reviewing a certain Ann Summer’s product!

    It is a very pretty case though, although I’m not a massive fan of frosted lipstick either, reminds me of80’s perms and dodgy soap operas!

    • Row says

      Hey Emma

      hehehehe…..that’s for another kind of blog 😀 The frosted is just wrong. Its wrong. Repeat after me. Wrong.

  2. autumn says

    maybe you should check out Bubzbeauty on her channel on look at her hypnotic look she looks great in it. okay? good… were on the same page.

  3. lindsay says

    humonguser? LOL thats so funny! anyways, i actually have a besame lipstick in cherry red and love it. i am a huge fan of old hollywood glamour and pinups and i have to admit that’s really the main reason i got it. i do really like the color though and while alot of people b*tch about the size, it’s in keeping with the retro theme. i personally think the packaging rocks and remember the lipsticks are highly pigmented. i totally feel like rita hayworth when i put it on!