Review: Bare Minerals Beauty Oasis Eyeshadow Set

I don’t own very much from bareMinerals and to be honest, I prefer pressed powder everything over loose – generally speaking. However I am a lover of green so bought myself this set called Beauty Oasis:

bareminerals beauty oasis-1.jpg

So for £24 you get 3 eyeshadows – so thats £8 each. Not particularly cheap, not madly expensive.

The idea with this bareMinerals sets is that you have a guide as to how to apply it:

bare escenturals oasis.jpg

There are 3 shades, Nepture, a white infused with blue pearl, oasis, a mossy green and jade, a deep forest green.

DSC03123 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Ooh – well they are stunning shades. I have tons of greens and yes, these are very beautiful. The white with the blue pearl makes it quite unusual and the mossy green is similar to Golden Olive (MAC pigment) but with a golder edge to it. The dark green is also very shimmery and pretty.

DSC03125 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

The colours look stronger than this in real life:

DSC03300 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

I can’t say this was a must buy for me – if you have seen my starsh pics then you will know I have every colour under the sun, but this is nevertheless a very very pretty set for anyone who adores greens. A bit of primer or water will help you get a stronger, long lasting colour.

Do I recommend this? Yes if you have the spare pennies or adore greens and want your classic forest and moss greens in one place.

You can buy this here for £24 from (free shipping).

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  1. sue says

    I’m a lover of green too but not a fan of loose eyeshadow, too messy! The colors are gorgeous tho :)

  2. MandyP says

    I’m not crazy about Bare Minerals, but I have sensitive eye, so I’ve been using Laura Mercier’s mineral eyeshadow line; the color selection is limited, but I prefer the texture to Bare Minerals’ eyeshadows.