Remove glitter nail polish quickly! Innisfree Peel Off Base Coat Review

Everyone hates trying to get glitter polish off right?

As someone who hates taking nail polish off normally, the thought of getting glittery polish in it’s many many particles off is a complete nightmare. I have tried the foil technique (putting some nail polish remover on a pad then wrapping the nail in foil) and it kind of works but takes ages and dries my nails to buggery.

So I spotted this on my eBay browses.  Yes, I browse eBay…

Innisfree (an eco friendly Korean brand) and their Peel Off Base Coat:Innisfree peel off base coat

This product is designed for glitter polish lovers – used as a nail base or primer, it peels off when you are ready to take it off, taking the polish with it. Clever idea!

I have used Innisfree polishes before (a sample review here – the polishes are just ok) and also peel off nail polish which is…as you’d expect.

This Peel Off Base Coat comes in the same packaging as regular Innisfree polishes but in a frosted feel packaging.

The base coat has a whitish colouring to it and is quite thick and gloopy.  Here is a coat on my nails:Innisfree peel off base coat 2

My nails grow fast (rest assured I chopped them down soon after this review! It’s so impractical!). 

Whilst the product is easy to apply and is almost smell free, it does have a gloopy thick sticky texture – yes it reminds me of PVA glue which might explain how it peels off, as glue would.  Apply the polish on this before it’s 100% dry and it turns into a thick snotty textured product…it’s weird, I tell yee.

Just be careful not to put snotty polish back into the container!

It did, however, boost the colour of my polish. The blue one below looks much stronger than when I swatched it with no base coat, but I digress.

Two glitter polishes to test:

Innisfree Peel Off Base Coat Review

The top shop polish which is a fine glitter and Tony Moly polish which is chunky.

Sure enough once everything is properly dry, you just need to nick a corner of the polish and it will peel of fairly easily.  I noticed some sticky residue left with the green polish- it’s not bad at all but worth bearing in mind that you might want to do a quick clean up with a regular polish remover afterwards incase there are any bits left.

Peeling is fun!

Innisfree Peel Off Base Coat Review 2

As for durability – I didn’t feel like this base coat matched up to the better base coats in my collection (I like CND’s Sticky base which I think I’ve had for 3 years – it never runs out!) which seems to adhere polish really well.

Because of the thickness of this base, I don’t think it does adhere polish as well, although there wasn’t much chipping til day 3. It does protect the nail from staining though.


I will definitely use this when wearing one of my awkward glitter polishes, it will mean I won’t be sat there for and hour scratching away at my nails to get the bits off!

I bought this from eBay for around £6.

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  1. says

    I remember reading about this a while back, someone compared the ingredients and it is essentially PVA glue, explains the smell! x