Poke in the eye

bourjois volume clubbing mascara
As a mascara a fan, I have a ton of different ones varying in prices, different results, different packaging. Inevitably, because of my short lashes and dodgy mirror, I poke myself sometimes.

Today I poked myself testing this newish Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara. Like the texture – it gives thick, clumpy lashes but its a really nono for me, because anything that won’t hold the curl (which is 97% of my 30 plus mascaras) will not make it into my day to day routine.

But I digress. The Bourjois brush is rippled and uneven probably to help give a more random effect? but boy did this one hurt! Ouch ouch, It wasn’t so much the watering, but the pain, the sheer pain in my eyeball.

Not the mascara’s fault I know. But let it be a warning.

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