Phyto Hydrating Shampoo

Throwing away a pile of magazines, my cousin helpfully tore out all the sample sachets for me.

I’m not one for using sachets. Too fiddly trying to open them, you always need scissors handy then they go everywhere (but that’s problably just me…)

Had three sachets of Phytojoba Shampoo, which is a moisturising one in a creamy white liquid.

They Say:

Gentle Hydrating Shampoo with Jojoba oil

PHYTOJOBA is a rich and gentle shampoo, with extreme moisturizing properties, which reinforces the hair’s natural protection system and preserves its integrity. Your hair rapidly regains an optimal level of hydration, shine and suppleness.

* Velvety soft texture and pleasant fragrance.
* Detangling action.
* Immediate shine


For a daily use, alternate your shampoo with PHYTOLACTUM – gentle shampoo.

My previous dabbling with Phyto was with Phyto Phytoapaisant which is for sore scalps – which I definately have. Wasn’t remotely impressed with it so didn’t try Phyto again.

I used to Aveda’s Be Curly range, very very much, since it did bring back the natural bounce in my hair and was ok for my scalp – but those prices! £11.50 for the shampoo, £17.00 for conditioner (which I need to use a lot of) and £15.00 for the curl enhancer. I have very long hair and wash it every day. An Aveda habit would cost me nearly £100 every month.

So instead I am a huge fan of Boots Naked Shampoo, especially the colour protection one which smells like cinnamon. There is also hydrating, deep cleansing, everyday varities and conditioners too. At £4 each (and occasional buy 1 get 1 free offers) it works out much better value. And they keep my hair bouncy and they don’t contain SLS – Sodium Laurel Sulfate, which kills my scalp.

But what of the Phyto? Well for £12 for 200ml, this one DOES containt SLS – disappointing methinks so I definately had a moment of intense itching after I used it. That puts me off – completely.

However – after my hair dried it was SO SOFT, SO SHINY…I washed just before bedtime and the next day my hair was filled with volume and bounce – as if I woke up and poofed it myself. It looks 100% like this:


My scalp is not itching today, which is good and my locks smell great too. Overall its a great shampoo and I have noticed a difference in the apperance in my hair and I reckon it would work a treat for a lot of people with dry hair – not so good for people like me, with very delicate scalps. Its £12! Couldn’t they use an alternative to SLS? Boo!

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  1. says

    I so know what you mean about sample sachets. Sometimes when I’m traveling, in the shower and need a shampoo sachet, I can’t seem to peel it open, and have to use my teeth instead. Euuw. But better than wasting those packets, I either make tiny snips at 4 sides of the sachet. If one side doesn’t work, then one of the other three is bound to work 😉

  2. Row says

    Hey Tine!

    I will do that because I have a lot of sachets to use up! When i travel next year though I will have to save some of these samplers so I can take them with me…imagine if I took a full size of everything!