Ooh you smell nice: Apothia Los Angeles Votive Candles

Me and Mr Candy recently got some goody bags which included a fabulous notebook inside and these two candles from Apothia Los Angeles.

I love candles although I burn them with caution (what with fur babies around!) and I am also quite snobby about my candles. I love scents that are either fresh or sensual, but they really can’t smell cheap.


We got Wave and Casa.

Wave Notes: Fresh white grapefruit, mandarin, yuzu with hints of driftwood and seagrass

Casa Notes: Casablanca lilies, newly cut grass, fresh air


By the way, I didn’t know what a votive candle was until I did a bit of Googling. It’s another name for a church candle (or small candle).

Anyway the sniff test!Oh my. How much do I like these candles? A lot. The smell gorgeous.

Wave is nice. But Casa…oh Casa! It reminds me of one of the first bouquets Mr Candy bought me, not that long after we started dating. It was a glorious, glorious bunch of flowers, led with a great big bunch of lillies.

This is exactly what the candle smells like. A great big blooming bouquet. It’s gorgeous.


Each candle comes with a silver bead – it’s supposed to remind you to trim the wick!


The candles are a mix of paraffin and soy. You can rub them on the skin – this is what I do with my Nars Candle!


All together now, Hooolllllyyyy Nigggghhhttttt………..

Will definitely buy CASA when this little one (sorry, Votive) runs out. Why do I have a strange vision of Mr Candy burning it whilst presenting me with Carnations to screw with my mind?

Looks like you can buy Apothia from Look Fantastic and Beauty Expert.

*In was in a goody bag so I guess it’s gifted!

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