Now THIS is giving birth

How do I book? Where do I book? What do you mean I need to be pregnant?! Damn you!

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  1. says

    I read about this on Dlisted. Quite frankly it creeps the hell out of me. The only demographic I could imagine this appealing to is the ‘pregnant 6-year-old’ crowd (granted, that label would apply to a LOT of chavs).

    Would you not be bothered by Hello Kitty’s silent, expressionless face staring at you wherever you went? I think it would GIVE me post-partum depression, not relieve it. :-c

  2. Christie says

    OMG. I so wish I had given birth to my daughter in this hospital!! Pity it’s so far away. x x x

  3. Row says

    Hi Mandy!

    Behave! you know you want to pop your sprogs out in this hospital! It is rather odd though mixing the blood and guts with someone so pink, so pretty.

  4. Kiyo says

    Ah! It’s so cute! It’s like the room I didn’t have when I was still in elementary! If it’s possible to be jetted over to this hospital if I ever become pregnant, I will surely do it!

  5. Chica says

    lol :) I thought HK had covered just about everything but doh! no maternity ward :) Have to admit, as sad as it is I think it’s really cute.

  6. Row says

    Hey Kiyo! It may be a little stressful I guess, being bungled onto a plane to give birth! But I would do it too! You get a hello kitty birth certificate!