Not Beauty Related: Do you watch Dexter?

Does anyone else out there watch Dexter?

Well I am still reeling after watching Season 4’s finale.



But I have no one to talk to about it, no one to go OMFG to – so if you saw it, you know what happened, if you also need some sleeping tablets and a hug, leave me a comment! What did you think of the finale!?

** Spoilers in the comments, mmmm okay? **

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  1. tigerslovepepper says

    I love Dexter, one of the most brilliant tv series ever! I saw first season only ( and can’t wait to see the other 3), so I’m not going to read any other comment. Just want to share with you that I’m a Dexter junkie. 😀

  2. says

    OMFG rita is dead!?


    I’m still sobbing. She seemed like his balance without her his dark passenger will be on a rampage! Things are going to get bloody!

    oh hai by the way….you miss me?

  3. says

    To be honest I don’t like Rita and totally wanted her off the show ages ago. But this is not a good way for her to go.
    It’s like trinity dealt Dex one final stinking blow and he was sooo oblivious.
    The whole season he was trippin over his feet all the time. I kind of think : “STUPID DEX”
    What is he gonna do with the kids? Poor little Harrison…
    How is he gonna continue his killing while handling 3 kids and work full time? It’s impossible.

    • Row says

      Hi Zenith

      Seriously, Rita is universally annoying but who else could be so understanding. I mean if you husband was NEVER THERE you’d be nagging in a whiny voice all day too!

  4. Melissa says

    It’s funny b/c I thought maybe the first 50 minutes of the show was pretty predictable (Dex chases, minor obstacles, catches him then eventually kills Trinity) but it only did get interesting when he entered his home reflecting on his changed ways- something was definitely in store for him. Really, he couldn’t possibly have another happy ending after last season’s blissful wedding! LOL. Although with so many twists and turns this show is known for, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rita wasn’t killed by Trinity and there was someone else at large…maybe the neighbour…j/k!

    Also did anyone else notice how much nudity there was of John Lithgow? He even had his last hurrah in the buff on dex’s killing table! Hee.

    I can’t wait for next season! It’s too looong of a wait!!

    • Row says

      Hi Melissa

      Must have seen John Lithgow’s peen from every angle now. My eyes will never be the same.

  5. says

    Melissa I gotta agree with you. The entire thing was a little too cut and dry wasn’t it? I wouldn’t be too surprised if Trinity wasn’t the one who killed Rita and it was someone else perhaps even Quinn!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. says

    Musey – noooo! The shows producers said it was Trinity – why would Quinn do that? I know Quinn is a weird Ray Liotta look alike but I don’t think he’s capable of murder. What about the neighbour?

    Having said that Trinity didn’t mention Rita when he was on the slicing table? That would have been a good dig, surely?

  7. says

    hey cheeky, love of my life, partner in crime,

    I dunno it feels off. I wouldn’t be too surprised if next season they end it out with Dexter finding out Trinity didn’t really kill her! knowing how twisted the plot gets on Dexter that isn’t too unlikely 😀

    The neighbor is a likely one. Quinn has major beef with Dexter though, I love his weird Ray Liotta look though 😀

    I do wonder if this is how they will write in the kids becoming a bit on the serial killer side. As per the books Cody goes a little dark with Dexter “guiding” him so I wonder if they’ll just do a little switch-a-roo and make it Harrison as the one who goes dark.

    Food for thought!

    On that note I wonder if they will write off Astor and Cody and have them live with the “all of a sudden” grandparents that showed up to take them ti Disneyland and maybe Dexter ends up with Harrison? In the book it was Cody who was showing the serial killer vibe but I betcha they work the Harrison angle :)

  8. says

    Well, the thing with it being Trinity is that there would be no retribution or revenge – because he’s already killed him anyway – it would be full circle, but the wrong way round?

    She may have even killed herself?

    I rekon it the next season will begin with Dexter finding out it isn’t arthur that killed her.

    What will we do without or snivelly, moany Rita! Yes she was so damn annoying but totally necessary.

    Astor and Cody are annoying, they should be shipped to their grandparents.

    maybe Rita could both come back as ghosts, constantly lecturing him….”Do the laundry Dexter….not like that.”

  9. says

    hey gorgeous

    I thought she was cute as pie but annoying as hell. She really rode him hard imho. Honestly, she didn’t realize he was a serial killer but she also should have taken into account he had a crazy job and she was constantly on his case about everything..just a real whiny wife type, I admit I wanted to bitch slap her a time or two but I also liked her too.

    naa she def did not kill herself! I agree I imagine we’ll see her as a ghost next season or part of his sub-conscious a la harry!

    I found both Astor and Cody are annoying, particularly Astor who really didn’t make too good a teenager, she was just too young for the part….she was like 10 and they were trying to make it like she was 12-13 or so.

  10. mayrei says

    The Rita thing shocked me, but I wasn’t totally surprised, either. I like a show that doesn’t mess around, and is willing to kill off major characters. Rita was a good character, but she was standing in the way of Dexter’s lifestyle a bit, so I’m interested to see where they’re going with this. But the way she was killed was such a punch in the gut! So tragic.

    I’ve seen a lot of speculation online that maybe it wasn’t Trinity that killed her, but the show’s producers have confirmed that Trinity is the one that did it.