NEW! EXCLUSIVE! Swatch of the Day No. 1: Illamasqua Victory Shimmer Nail Polish Swatch

Beginning today its the new Swatch of the Day series to celebrate the glory of the swatch!

swatch gallery.jpg

My goal is to produce swatches of items that are harder to find on the net and product high quality, clear, studio quality swatches. What good is a swatch you can’t even see, right?

A labour of love or a pain in the ass? Like a newborn baby, it has been both.

Until everything is ready, I shall keep thee happy with a swatch everyday.

This one is for reader, Veronica….

illamasqua victory nail polish swatch.jpg
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  1. diskogal says

    Brilliant idea!!! Thank you for all the trouble you put yourself into, we really appreciate it! A swatch gallery of rather rare products sounds extremely useful…Thank you thank you!

  2. joanna says

    I am so excited for this! I’m always looking up for swatches, especially if it’s something that they don’t sell near me and so I’ll have to either purchase online or travel all the way to London to swatch myself. Thanks so much for the effort put into this!

    • Row says

      Hi Joanna

      Fab! If you have any requests let me know and any comments or feedback as to how it would work best for you, let me know 😀 x