New Beauty Product: Rouge Bunny Rouge, New Glide Concealer Naked Disguise

New from one of the prettiest brands around, Rouge Bunny Rouge, is their new glide concealer, Naked Disguise.

Coming in three shades, this crayon concealer hides imperfections, scars and fine lines. It contains castor seed oil, carnuba palm wax, candelilla and beeswax.


Thalia – Semi-opaque natural light beige
Eunice – Semi-opaque medium peach beige
Clio – Semi-opaque warm ochre beige

Concealers are £22.50 each and can by purchased at I do think this is such a lovely looking concealer and I think it will work well but I’m not on the market for a new concealer just yet (unless it has a SPF!), I have too many others to finish first!

Will you try the glide concealer from Rouge Bunny Rouge?

(Click on more to see the three shades)The lightest shade, Thalia:


Medium Peach, Eunice:


Warm Ochre Beige, Clio:


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